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Accurate analysis of the atmospheric wind profiles and climate characteristics in a certain area is a prerequisite for providing reliable information on a wind energy site.Two 2-D ultrasonic anemometers and one cup anemometer, arranged perpendicularly to the prevailing wind direction, were used to measure the atmospheric wind environment at a height of 4.5 m in the coastal region of Wol-Ryong, Jeju, South Korea.The towers are both 2 m in height, and are compact enough to be transferred to the coastline in an automobile.

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Accurate information on the wind flow characteristics within a given site is a prerequisite for making precise prediction of the wind energy production of offshore wind farms.

Two typical methods of taking field measurements at an actual site are employed.

Kudryashova A, Genkov A, Mo T (2015) Certification schemes for sustainable buildings: assessment of BREEAM, LEED and LBC from a strategic sustainable development perspective. (2016) Natural ventilation building design approach in Mediterranean regions-A case study at the Valencian coastal regional scale (Spain). ISO Standard 7730 (2005) Ergonomics of the thermal environment-Analytical determination and interpretation of thermal comfort using calculation of the PMV and PPD indices and local thermal comfort criteria. Reglamento de Instalaciones Térmicas en los Edificios (RITE).

Mora-Pérez M, Guillén-Guillamón I, López-Patiño G, et al.

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The restriction will be removed automatically once this activity stops. Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo, Gobierno de España.Available from: Energetica/RITE/Paginas/Instalaciones Copyright Info: © 2017, Petra Amparo López-Jiménez, et al., licensee AIMS Press.This study aims to estimate future wind resources with various estimation methods.The wind energy is theoretically estimated at 75 m, the hub height of 800 k W and 1500-k W-class wind turbines, at the Wol-Ryong site.Roughness was also observed to decrease in both storms with progression closer to the center of circulation.

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