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Option #3 is what people use to set their own photo. It will be populated by Active Directory once we’re done updating. (Turns out we had to go through a lot of back-and-forth repair attempts on this one, before it all worked out.

Add new contact photos to Active Directory users whatever way you prefer (several management tools exist). The Active Directory sync is working…just not for images? There’s a lot of parts to the Lync contact profile – and by the time we were done, we’d touched all of them.) Next post I’ll detail 3 more fixes we tried.

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Management wanted to standardize all of the photos, so every customer saw the person they were working with. Changes to AD are replicated to the back-end SQL Server used by Lync.

Then some users put their own contact photos into their Lync profiles. Lync’s contact profiles get a lot of their data from Active Directory.Depending on your needs it may be worth contacting some of the providers that specialize in residential service to see if they have unadvertised business plans.Members of the team at the Laboratory for Intelligent Systems and Technologies (LIST) work at the boundary between traditional civil engineering and related engineering disciplines (such as electrical engineering, computing science, and material science) to convert traditional civil infrastructure systems into more intelligent and reactive systems through the integration of sensing, computing, and actuation technologies. Once the photos are in place for Active Directory users, they will synchronize with Lync like I described above. The Set-Cs Client Policy cmdlet has an option, “-Display Photo” which controls the default photo display options. This requires Lync to use Active Directory’s stored image for its contact photo. Two had no effect on synchronizing the address book…but one did.(Remember, contact photos must be less than 100kb in order for Lync 2010 to use them.) But we’re not quite done here. The cmdlet is structured like so: Then, run the cmdlet Update-Cs Address Book. Have you encountered an Address Book synchronization error? Justin Morris did a great breakdown of Lync photo controls here, if you want to read more. Some of the Lync clients did display the new contact photos. The most common solution is for us to force the Lync client to refresh. In order to force a refresh, we must force the Lync client to re-download its profile information from the Front End pool.

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