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Key organizational elements needed to support evidence-informed practice at the organizational level include (Stetler, 2003): Phase I: Preparation—Purpose, Context and Sources of Research Evidence - Identify the purpose of consulting evidence (such as need to solve a problem or revising an existing policy) and relevant related sources.

- Recognize the need to consider important contextual factors that could influence implementation.

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Research use, in light of available supplemental evidence to aid decision making, provides the first step for research-related actions that result in evidence-informed practice.

Research use occurs in three forms (Stetler, 1994): Instrumental use refers to the concrete, direct application of knowledge.

The model links research use, as a first step, with evidence-informed practice.

The Stetler model provides a way to think about the relationship between research use and evidence-informed practice. Integrating both concepts enhances the overall application of research.

The evidence-based practice movement raises questions about the continuing viability of research utilization models.

This manuscript describes the updated, practitioner-oriented Stetler Model.Conceptual use occurs when using research changes the understanding or the way one thinks about an issue.Symbolic use or political/strategic use happens when information is used to justify or legitimate a policy or decision, or otherwise influence the thinking and behaviour of others.- Determine whether a given source has no credibility or fit and thus whether to accept or reject it for synthesis with other evidence (rather than simply determine whether the evidence is weak or strong).- Summarize relevant details regarding each source in an 'applicable statement of findings' to look at the implications for practice in Phase III.- Consider cost-benefit of various evaluation efforts.

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