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However, you can update the Navcore operating system, and have Quickfix free using "Home".You cannot obtain free maps because Tom Tom maps are linked to individual devices, and updates must be paid for.

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Unless Tom Tom offers a reasonable price for updates ($10 an update would be fine, and I'd probably do it once a year), I think my Tom Tom is going in the trash and I will try a competitor's product.

We're back with another installment of our How to update your GPS maps series.

I hope this works, I would NEVER buy this again, biggest nightmare you can imagine.

Even if money were tight, it would be well worth it to just buy a new GPS.

I actually paid $80 for a new 500 xxl series with lifetime maps from Amazon.

They basically paid me to take the hardware off their hands.

This week, we're taking on Tom Tom's Ease, One, XL, and XXL models.

The process is the same for any model in Tom Tom's line up, and thankfully, it is much simpler than our last update was.

No charge for this.click here Hi Folks I tried to update my Tom Tom this morning and got the following error message-The internet server has an internal error. Is there something wrong with the internet connection? Even without paying for newer maps, there certainly would have been a new version of Navcore available.

If so, I can't see anything wrong, since I have browsed on other websites. Newer version of "Home" have been released too; (although I would keep clear of the very latest. As regards the server problem, it might be a problem at Tom Tom`s end.

Next time it won't be tomtom I do a lot of traveling for work and rely heavily on my gps to get me from point a to point b.

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