Updating trainz asset database this may take several minutes

-Added option to view an asset's summary info using CMP. -CDP exported from CMP now compatible with Content Dispatcher -Add all local dependencies tab functionality fixed in CMP -Editing folder clean-up on starting CMP -Added optional No Update parameter for CMP so it does not attempt to retrieve updates -Issues with the CMP "launch Trainz" function fixed.-You can now use CMP to view a config on non protected items without opening for edit -Refresh pane button has been added to CMP.

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A fresh installation means you have reinstalled TRS2006 and not launched it.

You will need to backup any custom content including maps you have made or modified before uninstalling TRS2006.

Content Manager Plus: The auto save setting for Surveyor waits for your first save and then overwrites at the interval prescribed in CMP/Settings.

If you choose to disable the Trainz error screen for missing dependancies, it can be restored at any time in CMP settings.

-A kind filter has been added to the kuid browser for CCP -CCP "edit" feature when creating a texture now allows the external application to save. -Trainzmap fully supported and V1.0 installer is included in "Extras" folder -GSE issues have been corrected -Session Rules Guide added to Extras folder -Restored uncouple message that some rolling stock relied upon for coupler animations.

-Loading a map with a missing skybox no longer produces display errors. -Consist bar has been fixed so that you can use it to re-arrange vehicles in a consist for saving.

Check the Extras link in the TRS2006 launcher menu.

Please check the Downloads Link on the TRS2006 Website for more information at Monorail Project -It is now possible to use CMP to suppress the warning which appears when loading maps with missing dependencies.

version: Service Pack 1PLEASE NOTE: This service pack is for TRS2006 version 2.5, build 2761 only (the US retail version is build 2761).

Please see the Release Notes later in this bulletin.

Once launch is complete, you will find your Trainz version and build number located at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

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