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4GB), while still on your normal Ubuntu Installation, mount the pendrive if it is not mounted already.View the files in the FAT32 partition of the pendrive.

updating ubuntu from cd-66

Create a 750 MB FAT partition named 'ubuntu' (or whatever); then an ext2 partition named 'casper-rw' (exactly) on the remaining space.

Select the 750 MB ubuntu partition, click "edit partition" and check "bootable".

Note that the maximum space that can be allocated for persistence is limited to 4GB (maximum file size on a FAT32 filesystem is 4GB).

This limit can be overcome and is explained later on.

You can mount the USB stick using the Places menu -- once mounted, it can be found at /media/disk. Essentially, you need to decompress (with gzip and cpio); edit the file adding a case called 'persistent' (see details at the link) and recreate

There is a bug with the Ubuntu 8.04 install CD that means USB key stick installs are screwed -- the desktop won't appear when you login. I guess that without this case, the 'persistent' passed in the is simply ignored. Caution: Be careful using any disk utility to partition or format dives as a small error could damage your operating system or overwrite a whole partition of files.

This partition can be of any size and will be responsible for saving your data between boots.

You can now boot using the usb drive and any changes you make will remain.

We are going to suppose that its name is /dev/sd X where X is the disk device such as /dev/sda or /dev/sdc. Check if you have to backup the data you have on it. If you have partitions on it remove them ('d', 'partition number').

Please be sure to substitute the correct letter for X which matches the device name you find for your pen drive. [Note: on newer computers, which use serial ATA disks, /dev/sda is typically the main hard drive; do not overwrite this! Please note that Windows will only mount the first partition of any removable media - which includes USB flash drives.

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