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Through F4D, she reminds us that it’s a serious misconception that high-end couture is only created in fashion capitals like Milan, Paris and New York City.

We know talented individuals in places like Ghana, Bangladesh and Kuwait who are working with local materials and techniques.

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However, “supporting” doesn’t mean simply doing charity work—it means creating a concrete project to raise funds devoted to research and education.

In short, the concept of “support” has a more pragmatic and operational meaning for me.

Many of them have small studios, so I work alongside F4D’s resident and founder, Evie Evangelou, to improve their studios, introduce investors to the sustainable operations behind the couture and involve e-commerce websites.

Fashion, at the end of the day, is a dream and a fantasy, and the populations within developing countries have an overwhelming amount of creativity to drive that fantasy.

Franca Sozzani: Fashion 4 Development Fashion 4 Development aims to provide a framework upon which young designers around the world may be assisted and educated.

These designers have ideas, they have talent and they can produce—but they don’t know how to build distribution.And we owe our children more—every student, regardless of race or ZIP code, deserves a quality education.I saw Turnaround for Children working to provide just that, which is why I got involved in 2011.Even before I got involved with the ESYNYC, food and gardening meant a great deal to me.I grew up around fresh fruits and vegetables, growing my own food and developing a community through the gardens. I got to know my mother, my father and my sister around a dinner table—and that’s how they got to know me.My Show Me Campaign focuses on education because it’s the single greatest tool a child can have to break out of potential-limiting poverty.

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