Validating questionnaire

Only one translation per language is allowed, although more than one translation within a language/culture may be considered where regional/local differences in language or meaning occur.

Content/face validity is the assessment of whether the questionnaire makes sense to those being measured and to experts in the clinical area.

For incontinence, there is no clear gold standard against which to measure the criterion validity of questionnaires.

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This is very much an ongoing procedure that requires a number of studies of the performance of a questionnaire in a range of settings and patient groups.

Each one of these studies will examine some aspect of the validity of particular constructs or ‘mini-theories.’ It may be, for example, that responses to the questionnaire are compared with clinical tests confirming a diagnosis, or in different age groups if an age relationship is postulated.

The interval should be chosen so that symptoms are unlikely to have changed and respondents will not be able to remember their first responses.

For incontinence, two weeks is probably sufficient.

Clearly, a questionnaire that cannot demonstrate that responses are stable over a short period of time in a pre-treatment sample will not be able to measure change following treatment accurately.

Stability is commonly assessed by a test-retest analysis, where the questionnaire is given to the same set of respondents twice, usually with an interval of two to six weeks.Various steps are required to assure the validity and reliability of the ICIQ.All the following steps (apart from translation) will be undertaken with the English-language version of the questionnaire.In countries where other language versions are being developed, the primary tests must be undertaken and it would be advisable to carry out most or all of the optional tests.This must be undertaken in the following ways: External companies/collaborators wishing to produce translations/adaptations of the ICIQ or its modules must gain prior permission from the ICIQ Development Group (contact Nikki Gardener).A graphical presentation and analyses of paired differences in individual items can be helpful in interpreting stability.

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