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I didn’t go to him for anything related to penis size and I didn’t ask about it.

As he examined me, he told me that I have a “micropenis.” I’ll always remember his exact words that followed as he pulled, rolled, and pinched my penis in the gloved fingers of one hand: “…formation unremarkable, function normal, dimensions infantile.” That last word hung in the air.

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Eventually, he offered to send me a photo of the subject of our discussion and I accepted.

I received a full body shot of him wearing only an unbuttoned baseball jersey and an uneasy expression.

I knew that I had a significantly undersized penis, but I’d not yet heard the term “micropenis,” nor considered it a medically treatable condition in any way.

When I was 25 years of old, I was referred to a urologist for a non-STD infection that wasn’t clearing up on its own.

It was universally known for three of my four years of high school that I had the smallest penis in the whole school. Kids tease each other for all sorts of things and I wasn’t the only one who got teased.

In my case, though, it did go straight to the issue of physical sexual sufficiency and I never knew how or when someone might bring it up in front of others.

What did that first realization that you had a micropenis feel like?

The realization at age 6 was one of mild shame and I began hiding my nakedness from others’ eyes as much as possible.

The girls at our sister school all knew who the larger guys were, and they all had heard about me.

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