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So that was just trying to stay focused and get through the day, basically.

But it wasn't as hard as the emotional thing sometimes was, although that became easier as my relationship with him became stronger, because I trusted him more and he trusted me more.

I said to the director, ' You know, if we don't find a genius kid to do this part, we can only do so much. It doesn't matter how well it's done, how well designed, or how hard I work or am able to be honest and emotional.

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Which is also what it's about and what the kid teaches the man, which is done really well, I think."News24did an interview with Mortensen which made it seem as though Mortensen was throwing in the towel as far as acting was concerned.

But, thankfully, that is not what Mortensen meant at all.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, The Road tells the story of a father (Mortensen) who is left alone to care for his young son (newcomer Kodi Smit-Mc Phee) in a bleak world with few human survivors.

Those who have survived get by by traveling from place to place, scrounging for meager scraps of food, or by turning into cannibals.

They said, ' I'm sorry...,' and so I started cheating.

Like a couple days before I started [to cheat] - and I couldn't eat. But I started for a couple days before she showed up, and then the day she showed up I was just wolfing down huge amounts of food and really was like, ' Wow, that's what that is! I see I can it in some of the scenes with her."In addition to getting prepared physically for the role, Mortensen had to develop a relationship with the actor who played his son.

I thought, ' Well, if this is so raw and so real, and you can look at it as a measuring stick, we can't be any less real in our feelings and how we do things.' So I was worried about that.

But then as worried, maybe even more worried because I was so dependent - going to be - on whoever played the boy.

Sounds silly in a way if you hear that - not silly, it sounds like, ' Why, yeah, sure, it's a simple, nice idea, concept,' but you see the movie and you know what that means.

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