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Next, configure the VTP domain name on VTP server, and all other switches without domain names configured should dynamically learn the domain name.VTP password cannot be learned through VTP, so you must manually configure it on all switches.VTP Operating Mode : Server VTP Domain Name : 7M VTP Pruning Mode : Disabled VTP V2 Mode : Disabled VTP Traps Generation : Disabled MD5 digest : 0x98 0x57 0x80 0x E2 0x29 0x91 0x2F 0x40 Configuration last modified by switch A(config)#vlan 3 switch A(config-vlan)#name Accounting switch A(config-vlan)#exit switch A(config)#exit switch A#sh vlan VLAN Name Status Ports ---- -------------------------------- --------- ------------------------------- 1 default active Fa0/1, Fa0/2, Fa0/3, Fa0/4 switch C(config)#vtp mode transparent Setting device to VTP TRANSPARENT mode.

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A configuration revision number is a 32-bit number that indicates the level of revision for a VTP packet.

Each VTP device tracks the VTP configuration revision number that is assigned to it.

Each time that you make a VLAN change(create or delete) on a switch, the configuration revision is incremented by one.

Now that we understood about the VTP, let’s configure and verify the VTP version 2 using this lab.

In this example, we have 4 cisco switches running 15.x code and they are connected as shown in the above-mentioned diagram.

We will configure SW1 in VTP transparentt mode, SW2 in VTP server mode (default mode in VTPv2), SW3 & SW4 in VTP client mode.

You can configure a cisco switch to operate in any one of these VTP modes: Server, Client, Transparent, Off.

The following table identifies the behavioral difference between each mode of VTP.

The VTP password that you configure is translated by the algorithm into a 16-byte word (MD5 value) that is carried in all summary-advertisement VTP packets.

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