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When searching for your potential bae means encountering jerks like these, hopelessness sometimes sets in.But what if it were possible to have a vetting process for men on dating apps?This cuts out the sketchy culture found on other dating apps. This vetting process helps to make sure the guys are higher quality.

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Jess and I both knew that we were getting married 12 minutes into our first date.

It was at the Central Park Zoo in front of the monkeys.

How did you make the transition from online dating to a serious commitment?

When you meet "the one" all the other noise seems to fade away.

A dating app for women to introduce their best guys to other women—guys who may not be right for them but could be great for someone else.

He could be an ex-boyfriend, a co-worker, a roommate, a brother, a cousin, you name it. It sounds shallow, but if you want to meet someone special (“the” someone special) you need to put yourself out there and meet people.Dating sucks, and online dating can suck even more.A quick Google search for online-dating horrors yields hundreds of cringe-worthy stories about everything from creepy messages to sexting debacles.Many online daters have horror stories about the people they’ve met from apps and websites.How does Jess, Meet Ken aim to change that narrative?Jess had been dating Wall Street banker types before me.

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