The additional coverage can help you reach corners of the house that you just can’t reach with your main router, or could ease some of the interference by bringing your devices closer to an access point. The first adapter forwards its signal through your walls to the second adapter.Home wireless networking isn’t always user friendly, and there isn’t a foolproof solution that works for everyone, but here are some of the more effective ways that you can extend your own wireless network. Now you can plug your devices into that second adapter with another Ethernet cable — and if you plug in a second wireless router, you can use it to extend Wi-Fi across your home.

It is based on HTML, but is optimised for mobile networks and small handheld devices.

WML is used to create static content such as text to be displayed on the screen of the mobile device.

This means that WAP is optimised for mobile networks with narrow bandwidths, mobile devices with small screens and limited keys for user entry, little memory storage, and limited processing and battery power.

This makes WAP an ideal choice for developing an application for the mobile network. Thus, this paper will further describe these advantages and give an insight into the limitations or disadvantages.

It is also predicted that by 2003/ 2004 there will be 1 billion handsets in the world. These include the Network Operators, Hardware Manufacturers, and Software Application Developers.

All the major handset manufacturers are committed to WAP and future mobile devices will support multiple technologies including WAP, GPRS and Bluetooth.

As 3G (WCDMA, UMTS)launched WAP will also evolve for these future networks.

Network operators are behind WAP and their support is clearly demonstrated by the deployment of WAP world-wide.

The ease of use, mobility and personalisation aspects of mobile devices makes it an ideal medium for this next step in distance learning.

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