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To her further disbelief, there was a second lengthy scene with a different limp body and a third with another apparently unconscious woman.

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Police say they found the drug at the suspect's home.

Sera, whose divorce became final last month, said she discovered Rohypnol pills and other sedatives in her husband's belongings four months before stumbling onto the tape.

John Wesley Hall, Sera's Arkansas attorney, offers another explanation for the videotape, which a judge sealed at last week's hearing.

"Maybe they gave consent before they became incoherent," he said.

"He could talk a good game, and I'm sure that had a lot to do with where he is now." Sera also has a question, posed as an observer of his circumstances.

"Did I just come out of the woodwork and become a rapist overnight?

Deal didn't recognize the scene as an assault and dismissed Sera: "I see you have your hands full." The next day, Mrs. "Steve was narcissistic and manipulating," said Sera, an interior designer when the couple moved to Irving four years ago.

Haygood had no memory of the chance meeting but was sure that Sera had put something in her drink. "Steve didn't want to own up to his mistakes and his problems." Sera gave the tape to her attorney's private investigator, then confronted her husband. " she said he pleaded as he searched for the tape at her apartment that night.

" he said last week, speaking to reporters after a brief court hearing.

"No behavior in 38 years ever led anyone to believe that." People connected to the case have labeled Sera an extraordinarily smooth operator, a pathological liar and "pure evil." "He lied to just about everybody, and he fooled just about everybody," said Jack Pate, Sera's attorney.

The explicit visual record has made his a unique case and set the rape suspect and his defense on a course of showing that the taped sex acts were consensual.

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