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Some are even coming twice, but nowhere near enough people overall.” De La Vergne says that the organization believed it had the potential to be a very profitable concert series, intended to add from ,000 to ,000 to the Red Kettle total both from ticket sales and from generous business and benefactor underwriting.“Now, the series is challenging us financially, and may end up in the red, largely because of the weather, a frugal limited advertising budget, and the resulting lack of buzz.” “Candidly, if we don’t meet our Red Kettle campaign goal, it could result in our having to cut programs and services for those most in need in Waukesha County.The girls, then 12, later told investigators they were trying to appease or impress Slender Man, a fictional character on the Internet, and that they were trying to walk to his mansion in the Nicolet National Forest when they were arrested a few miles from the park where their victim was found bleeding by a passing bicyclist.

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We would not be able to help a host of very vulnerable men, women and children who are truly in great need. How You Can Help:  By Mail, send in a check to The Waukesha Salvation Army 445 Madison Street Waukesha, WI 53188  By Mail, send in your gift using your mail appeal envelope  Go to any Red Kettle in Waukesha County (50 locations) and make the best gift you’re able  Donate online at

usc.salvationarmy.org/Waukesha ### About The Salvation Army The Salvation Army, an evangelical part of the universal Christian church, has been supporting those in need in His name without discrimination since 1865.

Waukesha County Circuit Judge Michael Bohren set a joint trial for Oct. The girls did not speak on their own behalf at their arraignments Friday because the judge has not yet issued his written order denying their effort to have their cases transferred to juvenile court and their attorneys continue to object to the adult jurisdiction.

Bohren ordered prosecutors, as the prevailing party on the reverse waiver issue, to draft an order for his signature "forthwith." Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier are charged as adults with attempted first-degree intentional homicide, as party to a crime, with use of a dangerous weapon for the near fatal stabbing of a sixth-grade classmate in May 2014.

Thank you to ALL who attended, and to ALL who played any role in making this year's vital Christmas Red Kettle Campaign a success!

- Summer Feed the Kids Program - Weekend Family Food for Home Program - Nursing Home Visits - Life Skills Classes - Youth After-school Drop-in Program - Extensive Summer Day Camps - Worship Services am Sunday - Multiple Opportunities for Group Bible Study - Active Women's Ministry - Christmas Toy Shop for Families - Christmas Red Kettle Volunteer Fundraising - Christmas Community Outreach Concerts You, too, can start your own annual tradition of ringing the famous Red Kettle bells for the Waukesha Salvation Army. Most of the locations listed below will generate hundreds of dollars in donations on Christmas Eve Day, BUT ONLY IF THERE IS A BELL RINGER THERE.:-) Sure, we could just "print a bunch" and try to get them up, but let's do this efficiently and with some thought. Please don't delay-- we need these numbers pretty quickly: Again, email as soon as you can to: [email protected] always, THANK YOU!! Your donations support our operating the largest men's homeless shelter in Waukesha County. at Woodman's to witness the kick-off of the 12016 Christmas Red Kettle Campaign. We sleep 30-40 men per night, practically EVERY NIGHT. “Abnormally high temperatures well into December, followed by sudden heavy snow, followed by debilitating bitter cold, and now to be followed by more heavy snow is causing us to fall severely behind,” said Waukesha Major Nelson De La Vergne.“Our bell ringers just cannot risk being out in the severe cold.That our husband and wife majors, Deborah and Nelson De La Vergne, are lifelong Salvation Army servants, both ordained ministers, and that Major "De" as we call him, spent 16-days at Ground Zero after the 9-11 attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center? We're about to print some posters for a grassroots campaign. Count the businesses that might allow a poster to go up.

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