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All inclusions on OS maps were once vetted by the UK Government's D-Notice Committee. When the Government wanted to "gag" newspaper editors to stop them revealing embarrassing details about Mo D-related stories, it was called "slapping a D-Notice" on them.

Any locations on the "Sensitive Sites Register" were mysteriously removed from public maps by men in cigar smoke filled rooms in Whitehall and just ended up appearing as farmers' fields.

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Whatever might be deemed to be 'sensitive' has usually been known to the'opposition' for years and it is only the general public who are denied their'right to know' by officious, blinkered, low-level bureaucrats.

Your website contains a vast amount of first class, eye-opening information,based on original research.

In December 2007, new hi-res aerial imagery was provided by Getmapping which covers the area around Faslane.

Check out my special implementation of Microsoft Virtual Earth (right), which allows you to zoom in close-up to the Trident Missile Storage Bunkers, warhead handling facilities and much more.

These sites should already not only beaware of what is public, but also have taken security measures accordingly.

Your 'Secret Base' site is an excellent example of what can be achieved by painstaking,forensic research of what is available from open sources and the Internet.Getmapping's co-founder and MD, Tristram Cary, is a former Royal Navy officer and software project director in the defence industry.In February 2007, the Landmark Group mapping company revealed that it had acquired top secret Russian military maps of UK Secret Bases.In February 2004, the Secretary of the D-Notice Committee, Rear Admiral Nick Wilkinson, contacted me to assure me that things have changed for the better and that the system has been overhauled in recent years.With the introduction of Internet-based mapping and aerial photography data, he insisted that the Committee is now an independent and purely advisory body.The truth behind an infamous UKconspiracy theory surrounding alegendary underground storage basefinally revealed in a new televisiondocumentary on Sky Channel 201The astonishing facts are evenstranger than the wild stories UK Centre for Medical Researchand Innovation biocontainmentlaboratory to be built next to St.

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