What makes a beautiful woman intimidating

These beautiful freaks of nature have it pretty, pretty, pretty good -- not a pun.

what makes a beautiful woman intimidating-89

I was like, "How can she think I even belong in this room?

" I made it very clear that I was just waiting for my brother.

People will stare and talk about you, but are too intimidated to approach.

Please know my written words are not intended to feel sorry for the ultra-attractive population.

It was at that moment that I fled Sonia and Starbucks.

How did I not realize Sonia's beauty was making me look like an ugly ducking?

This was a cattle call, and the "cattle" were gorgeous women.

Having just given birth three months prior, I certainly wasn't feeling like my most attractive self.

After that situation, I decided that I really should be ashamed of myself.

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