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I have also been infatuated with the “sisters” Bridget, played by Kaley Cuoco and Kerry, played by Amy Davidson.Kaley’s tall trim body, blonde hair, and habit of showing off her thong panties drives me crazy.The director of the first great mobster film, Scarface, invited a Mafioso to advise on making the action more realistic; he invited Al Capone to view the rushes.

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But Hollywood only shows the sensuality of seeking more power.

It doesn't show the scum that comes with it.' The gangsters' women could be just as sharp.

The starlet Virginia Hill was a Mafia moll and a courier of laundered cash.

A lover of the Mafia hood Bugsy Siegel, she once dislocated the vertebrae of a cloakroom attendant who was flirting with Bugsy.

Hollywood in its upper echelons is still a kind of Cosa Nostra, but organised crime has moved to Moscow.

The great-grandsons of those immigrant studio bosses are now middleclass professionals who watch The Sopranos on TV.I was hiding in the set’s closets that was used as part of the girl’s bedroom set, Kaley Cuoco and Amy Davidson, knowing that they wanted to stay late after all the crew and cast left for the day.They told everyone that they needed to go over some of their lines a few more times. Ever since I began working for the show, I wanted to fuck these “sisters“, either one, it did not matter.When America's favourite pinup, Lana Turner, stabbed her lover - the Mafia hoodlum Johnny Stompanato - to death, Hollywood and the Mob swung into their habitual cover-up mode. Mafia henchmen forced the police to hand over Stompanato's belongings.To avoid Mafia wildcards avenging themselves on the famous Sweater Girl, the murder was conveniently assigned to Lana's underage daughter Cheryl, who may also have been bedding Stompanato.I wanted exactly that, Kaley’s hot mouth full of my big 9 inch dick.

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