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In fact, viewers feel more like flies on the wall and less like audience members.Here's a rundown of who you'll meet if you watch Brooklyn Kinda Love.

Brooklyn Kinda Love is a couple's reality show for people who hate couple's reality shows.

Brooklyn Kinda Love, a new series on the Playboy channel, comes from the same masterminds that created Taxi Cab Confessions and is both for and about couples—offering a glimpse at real couple's relationships, sex and all.

The show follows four very diverse Brooklyn couples and documents their relationship ups and downs. ), each pair laments their frustrations, talks about how they met, bitches about everything from pubic hair to Facebook flirtations and, yes, even have sex on camera.

We watched the first two episodes and saw each cast member naked and screwing. While we were resistant at first, Brooklyn Kinda Love grew on us.

In fact, we feel like we've met each and every one of the cast members at some point in our lives, which gives the series a voyeuristic kind of feeling.

Unlike other reality shows where the cast is perfectly toned, tanned and polished, these people all have familiar flaws, which makes it kind of comforting.Braniff is as confused as we are but tries to navigate as best he can through the jungles of her many emotions and desires. Rihiannon is emotionally broken after a failed engagement and Vinny is her first step back into the dating world.Her eyes brighten when she tells the camera about her fantasies of watching him sleep with other women, and the camera pans to a salsa club where she tries (and fails) to get a pretty girl to come home with them. Vinny for his part seems intent on wooing her appropriately, taking her on picnics and stroking her face, but Rhiannon clearly isn't over her philandering ex. Nikki and Chris at first glance seem to have it all together.Don't Tyara, Mike, Robbie, Jordan, Katrina, Anika and Theo look oh so chummy? Meanwhile, a separate group -- consisting of the crew's exes, rivals, frenemies and estranged family members -- are going to surprise the guys and gals and will promptly move into their house.Kassius, Orlana, Anna, Kimberly, Peter, Jennifer and Will (they are featured below) may be smiling now, but will those grins stick once they find out they must spend 24/7 with a not-so-amicable someone from their past?Soon, however, we learn that Chris would really like a threesome.

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