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So many of you wrote so movingly about your own experiences, what you would do if someone busted up your baby girl, what you've been hearing in classrooms and school hallways, and why it is so important that we, as a society, declare that domestic violence must never be tolerated.FULL POST Amy Holmes | Bio AC360° Contributor Even if Rihanna may not bear responsibility to her young fans for her private choices, surely Nickelodeon owes them more. I'll confess that I've been riveted by this story. A beautiful girl, on top of the world, getting beaten up by her equally charmed boyfriend.

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Democratic strategists have discovered that Rush has low approval ratings with the general public. And the media is happily going along, as it so often does.

So they have devised a strategy to paint Republicans with the Rush brush in order to marginalize conservatism and the Republican Party. Back in December, while the Republican Party had not one, but two, highly qualified and widely respected African-Americans running for its chairmanship, the media chose instead to focus on the juvenile antics of Chip Saltsman and his Christmas CD.

Thousands more were rescued from the debris of the crumbled building.

Workers are still sorting through the wreckage and uncovering more deceased workers with each layer of concrete in the nine-story building.

FULL POST Amy Holmes | Bio AC360° Contributor So, now we know.

President Obama's mentions of Rush Limbaugh are no accident.

Show after show featured outraged democratic strategists attacking the Republican Party because of one man's lapse of judgment.

And conservative after conservative was called on to defend or attack the hapless politician.

American students were all the way down in 36th place. What needs to be done to improve American education?

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