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“You start to feel the magnified shame of ‘people are looking at me,’” says Stagg.

She explains that it’s two-fold: you’re ashamed because you question if you have anything to offer worthy of their gaze, and you’re enjoying the eyes on you and are ashamed of liking it.

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She sent a manuscript to Chris Kraus after she interviewed the writer and Kraus ended up editing the bildungsroman, which brings together early-twenties angst, visibility politics, and an acute commentary on bullshit jobs. The story begins with a young woman Colleen fresh out of college suffering from post-grad ennui in Tucson.

The novel’s first third finds her at a dead-end job conducting marketing research surveys at a mall.

“I just wanted to write about the things I think of when I think of growing up.

I think a really good allegory for growing up is becoming famous.” Coming-of-age is a process of becoming more visible.

Her debut novel “Surveys” is available at Semiotext(e).

“Any time anyone is like, ‘Oh you wrote a book, what is it about?The second third of the novel narrates their charmed life, hosting parties and making money off of their combined social capital.Sooner than later, Jim cheats on Colleen with another internet microcelebrity and Colleen finds herself unable to detach herself completely from him and impossibly jealous, a junkie for whatever new content the other woman posts.Stagg found herself writing about celebrity and its particular manifestation in internet it-girls even though she started working on early drafts of the novel before she even had an instagram account.“It is funny that every review is like, ‘this is about social media.’ It’s not supposed to be some kind of message or comment on how we live today or about how this woman feels about the changing times,” notes Stagg.We buttered our bread and talked about how much we both like celebrity magazines profiles that narrate the buttering of bread.

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