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He did tie for 4th in the 2010 Masters and 4th in the 2010 U. Open, which just about any other golfer (besides maybe Phil Mickelson) would consider great results.

He would win the Junior World Championships six different times. He attended college at Stanford University, where he was on their championship golf squad. Amateur title, and won the NCAA Individual Golf Championship.

His first major professional tournament came when he was still at Stanford, at the 1995 Masters Tournament, where he finished an impressive 41st and was the only amateur to make the cut. After two years of college, Tiger Woods turned pro.

The hype surrounding Tiger Woods seemed to place impossible hopes on the kid golfer, as people were already talking about whether he was the greatest golfer ever.

Amazingly, he not only matched, but surpassed, all expectations.

Tiger Woods seemed to digress as the golf season progressed, though, as Woods finished 23rd in the 2010 British Open and 28th in the 2010 PGA Championship.

After the season was finished, he announced he would rebuild his swing for the third time in his career, which is a sign that his golf game has serious holes in it.This was denied by the Woods camp, but stories began to appear of Tiger Woods’ infidelity, and the stories piled up day after day throughout December 2009.and (especially) TMZ made a killing on the Tiger Woods scandal.This was an astonishing record, since the golf rankings take results from the past two years (or 102 weeks).This was just the beginning, as he went on to win 14 major tournaments, and has hopes of matching or surpassing Jack Nicklaus’ record 18 major wins.Tiger Woods was a sensation from the moment he announced his professional career in 1996.

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