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On the same page I made a list of all things feminine I wanted to embrace or achieve.

No different from a general attacking the enemy on a battlefield, I turned around each area of my life.

It's never too late to make life better and make your dreams come true.

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However, nothing could compare to the huge global recognition she has realized as one of the foundational fashion pioneers of Tele-retail.

May 2014 marks Diane’s 20th Anniversary on HSN, as the longest running fashion personality.

So along with everything else, I learned the hard way: on my own.

Now that these five simple shifts in my thinking have created the five most successful, romantic and surprising years of my life, I want to share them with all my Baby Boomer sisters. Tend to the garden of your life by taking simple actions.

Diane’s incredible success has instilled her with gratitude and a heightened sense of purpose to give back.

She is currently involved in several charities and organizations including UNICEF, HSN Cares, St.

It's human nature to compare how we feel on the inside with how others appear on the outside. Every woman's journey is a vibrant thread weaving its own unique path through the fabric of life.

Turn a walk down the grocery aisle into a celebration of yourself. If you had told me going fromwas this easy, I never would have believed you.

The thought of inspiring millions of new viewers thrilled me. In my mid-50's, feeling defeated, I was alone and barely recognized myself. So squeezing back into the dating world was definitely out of the question. This revolution Five years ago I made a list of everything about myself I didn't like and wanted to change.

" Don't get me wrong -- I live with the aches and pains that come with schlepping around a body for six-plus decades. It was then I made the decision: "Diane, stop going to the back of the bus! Stand-up for yourself if your contribution has gone from innovative to irrelevant in your profession.

Every moment of my life I imagine myself as a camera, with my heart as the aperture.

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