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And nothing happened.” Harvey went on to work steadily in television and in the entertainment business.He was legal reporter for KCBS in Los Angeles, legal consultant and later host for two incarnations of. If I went to a gay bar, I would wait – sometimes for half an hour – just to make sure cars weren’t passing by the front door for fear a driver might see me enter.

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And I believe, at the time, there was good cause for thinking I’d get fired. My biggest joy was just never having to leave my house.” He remembers that when he was out with friends and if they were in a gay establishment, he used his ability to scan a room “in three seconds” to find out if there was anyone he knew there.

“I’d would immediately look for someone who worked sat the station,” Harvey said.

Homosexual activists will promote anything left-wing and liberal to promote their agenda.

When I was a teenager, I found myself in a profound internal struggle—what I perceived as a mandate to live a “straight” life, despite contrary feelings that were welling to the surface.

When I met someone, I would often use an alias so I could easily cut ties. Levin first publicly confirmed he’s gay in 2010 during a speech he gave to the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, discussing his fears that his sexual orientation could tank his career.

Watch Ellen De Generes learn all about what it means to be gender-nonbinary from Asia Kate Dillon Celeb Instagram: Bob Harper! I’m a longtime NLGJA member and arrived at the East-West Lounge Wednesday night early with the hopes of snagging an interview with Harvey about being gay in the news business and how that has affected his life and career. isn’t keen on his doing such things without clearance.

TMZ recently featured Bill Gates’ satirical “life after Microsoft” video in which he jokes about taking the White House, of which TMZ’s nameless writers write, “Not a terrible idea — the last Bill we had in the office worked out fine.” Such political commentary didn’t sit well with a little reader called “Disgusted,” who blames gay managing editor and producer Harvey Levin: I wouldn’t call getting impeached working out fine.

In fact, that was rather embarassing for our country.

You’ll find that this website will tend to project their liberal bias and pionts of view.

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