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My mum was born in Burma and when the Japanese invaded came over to the UK when she was five. You know, dark-skinned kids in the middle of Wales in the Fifties.‘‘Neither of my parents had much growing up and had tough times and they tried to make that very different for us.” As a small boy, Cullum would look on as family members played instruments and sang.

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However, the pair didn't get together straight away - their romance didn't start until a few months after their first meeting."She was living in New York and she had a boyfriend," said Cullum.

"Six to eight months later she moved back to England and obviously it became more after that."He also dispelled any stereotypes about supermodels being divas."One of the things people most misunderstand about her is that she behaves like a supermodel - I suppose you assume people like that carry this weight about with them - but Sophie is nothing like that, she's incredibly down to earth - she stands around in the kitchen drinking cups of tea and labouring over sentences - that's the Sophie I know and fell in love with."Choosing Animal Collective's as one of his Desert Island songs to illustrate the fact that "once you have a family, you create a unit and want to protect them", Cullum went on to admit that he'd find it "incredibly hard to cope on the desert island now that I've found my soul mate - we really do exist as a unit" - but added that "I'm an incredibly accomplished layabout and I'd probably just lie under a tree and get a tan".

He only became a “big success” when Cullum was in his late teens.

“It wasn’t a wealthy upbringing but it was very wealthy in terms of support and encouragement. ‘‘My dad was born in Jerusalem; his mother managed to get out of Nazi Germany.

Born in Essex but brought up in Wiltshire, Cullum was raised in a close-knit and musical family.

His mother was a school secretary and his father worked for a business that supplied company cars.But it felt good to be doing jazz again after his previous album, Momentum which, although it had “jazz bones” was “more of a pop record”.His new album is a collection of covers and looks set to mark the space before he returns to writing his own music again.After coming to national attention on Parkinson in 2003, he’s now sold more than 10 million albums and sung to audiences around the world, and yet is clearly still in love with what he has done for a living in more than decade.Cullum may be instantly recognisable and married to supermodel-turned-author Sophie Dahl, but staying grounded isn’t something he finds difficult."I didn't entertain for one second that she would be interested in me.

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