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The stars have aligned well for me in the grand scheme of things...let's see how the rest of the day shapes up for me in section D of the. Tell us about your experience on is a cool sleeper kind of show that the powers that be truly settle for nothing.

Do you still have that rebel mentality or have you calmed down a bit? I have never really thought of myself as a rebel, or even my behavior as rebellious.

The choices I made were all out of a certainty of purpose. The difference between a network and Amazon which is more of an entity in fluid motion at this point, is that on a network show the Network itself is omnipresent.

In 1994, Gedrick starred in the film The Force with Yasmine Bleeth and Kim Delaney.

He starred in the first season of Steven Bochco's 1995 series Murder One.

This Chicago native was just a teen when he broke into showbiz as a movie extra. Tao is about to get a blast from the past on Major Crimes.

Boyishly appealing and extremely determined, he quickly graduated to speaking roles, beginning with the 1985 comedy Heavenly Kid. Murder One and Boomtown star Jason Gedrick will guest-star on the final five episodes of the TNT drama's current season as Mark Hickman, the estranged ex-partner of Tao (Michael Paul Chan…

Sounds cliche, but this guy sure knows how to live life to its fullest.

He works like a mad dog, and when it's time to relax, he writes, golfs, cooks and does boxing. You've been pulling Emmy buzz for your performance in the original Amazon series . What catches my attention in a performance is usually something that shines a light on something that I am familiar with, but through the performance I gain a deeper understanding of that kind of person and that kind of, in the case of , affliction.

Jason Gedrick deliveres a breakout Emmy caliber performance in this season's record-breaking original Amazon hit series "Bosch," where he thrilled audiences starring as the mentally disturbed and twisted serial killer 'Raynard Waits'.

Jason's Twitter: @gee_dunk , Amazon's Bosch: @Bosch Amazon Santa Barbara boy Jason Gedrick works hard and plays hard.

His next major project was the three-hour TV film The Third Twin, a 1997 thriller based on the best-selling 1996 novel by British writer Ken Follett.

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