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CORSHAM mum Lisa Rogers will make her television debut in front of millions of viewers this weekend during The X Factor ad breaks, performing her rendition of Birdy’s hit, Wild Horses.

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That Lisa Rogers bird.’ His reply was: ‘Yeah, mate, I know.

I sit next to her every game.’ Football is changing.

But it’s not about me; it’s about people who are into them.

It’s escapism, a vicarious way of living glamorously, and taking a look at other people’s lives, which we all seem to find more interesting than our own. Rightly or wrongly, I assume no one knows who the hell I am. I’m on the fruit today as I’ve just come back from LA and feel jet-lagged.

She texted back: ‘I’m pregnant.’ He replied: ‘Is it mine? And if you try and plan your life, invariably it turns round and bites you in the arse.

’ She replied: ‘You bastard.’ All a complete piss-take. I said I’d never go out with someone younger than me, never date an actor and never go out with someone famous. I can’t answer that question – I’d have to lie to you and I don’t want to. I tend to forget how things like that look in print. She’s actually pretty cool and just says: ‘It’s your life.

For all I know, he might be seeing Jo but at the time he’d only met her twice. Musically, it would have to be ACDC’s Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Do what you want to.’ I don’t think she would have done it, of course.

I’m coming for dinner tomorrow, what are you cooking?

Since then, Ralph Little’s ex-squeeze has appeared on numerous shows including every single Top 100 list and the TV spin-off Lock, Stock?

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