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He took note of the self-imposed pressure in an interview shortly after he was hired, saying: 'The last thing I want to do is appear not qualified, to appear that it was just a nepotism hire, to appear that everything was just handed to (me).'I certainly acknowledge that the last name doesn't hurt.

But at the end of the day I don't think a company like XM or NBC would be willing to spend money on me just for the sake of nepotism.

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A young congressional staffer, upon hearing that I was writing a story about Luke, gleefully began forwarding me a series of emails from her coworkers poking fun at Russert’s most bro-ish tweets. How many relationships started bc a guy noticed a Lilly dress? ,” he tweeted upon the occasion of the preppy icon’s death.) A thirty-something Capitol Hill reporter cloaked his distaste in the guise of concern for wasted potential.

“Luke is quickly mastering the art of purveying conventional wisdom, and it's a shame.” Fellow reporters related the meanest anecdotes they could think of—“but not for attribution, OK?

A profile in the the New Republic by Noreen Malone looks at NBC News correspondent Luke Russert, and D. As Malone writes, “Luke-hating is a bit of a Washington bloodsport,” and several anecdotes in the piece attempt to illustrate why.

Here are the highlights: He has an especially jocular relationship with Speaker John Boehner, who, when Russert asked him on Valentine’s Day what the speaker had gotten his wife for the holiday, replied, “Same thing I got you, honey,” and blew Russert a kiss.

As a result, I threw myself into the work and never took the time to reflect, to travel and to experience many things that would have given me a clearer sense of what my future should be.'Big loss for us at @NBCNews.

As many on Hill will attest, @Luke Russert owned his beat and still OWNS it. ' wrote current Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd on Twitter.

writer Maureen Orth, who tweets under the handle @Luke Rs Mom.

“From the moment it was announced he would be working for NBC, which was his choice, but never planned for, ever, people just piled it on and piled it on and piled it on.

I will always be eternally grateful for all the opportunities I’ve received and for the incredible people I’ve gotten to know along the way.

NBC News is family and while it’s hard to leave, It’s the right decision for me at this time,' said Russert in a personal note included in the company email.'It’s fair to say my broadcast career began in an unusual way after college graduation and the death of my father.

He seemed happy and excited and completely confident at all times, and why not?

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