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Miley Cyrus has an emoji inside her mouth and just got a new one in honor of her late dog, Floyd.But she’s not the first: Jennifer Aniston has trend bandwagon, we also kind of really love them."I always try to follow the story and the character, and that opened me up to whatever medium it happens to fall in.

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Spending her early childhood in an old stone mansion together with her three older brothers, she later left her hometown at the age of nine to follow her parents moving to the U.

Virgin Island before finally settled in Charleston, South Carolina where she attended the all-girls school of Ashley Hall.

An actress who is capable to take wide range of film characters without losing the acuity in her enactment, Mena Adrienne Suvari undoubtedly has risen to be one of the most promising young stars of her generation.

Named after a hotel located at the base of the pyramids in Egypt, she was born on February 13, 1979 in Newport, Rhode Island as the only daughter of Ando and Candice Suvari.

But it’s hard for me because I don’t necessarily believe in choosing one (candidate) that’s better than the other.

"I feel like we all deserve something in our own right, and as far as the politics of it all, I don’t buy into it." She makes specific mention of Reese Witherspoon though: "I really have enjoyed the films that Reese Witherspoon has been a part of, and what she’s done in this industry.

We’ve got Rihanna, who has gradually covered herself in interesting ink, from a line of curling script on her neck, to an ornate under-boob design to her whole hand tatted up Indian henna style.

Angelina Jolie made paired with Oscar gowns utterly chic.

After a long pause, she admits that, no, it's always been the character that draws her to a story.

"For me it was never so black and white that one is better than the other," she says.

Being able to work with really fantastic and strong women, is something I’d love to do more of." With Chris Klein in 2012'sseries Strong female figures have been a constant theme in Mena's life, and she also spends time working with various charities, some specifically concerned with women's issues.

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