Who is miranda cosgrove dating july 2016

Were you surprised and did you fall in love with them the same way the public has? I feel like anyone could get over their breakup if they wore one of those.

(She laughs.) Q: Margo is really into texting when her father is trying to talk to her. Sometimes at night my thumbs hurt because I text too much.

Do you text as much as she does or do you try and pay attention to the person you’re with? I try harder now to pay attention to my mom when she’s talking to me because now I’ve learned to answer what she’s saying without actually listening.

Q: When you watch this, can you and your friends see you? Even with Kristen Wiig’s character, I feel like I could see her body movements and things she does on “SNL.” Even though the character doesn’t look that much like her, she came through in the facial expressions.

There are definitely moments in the movie where I see Margo and think, “I definitely do that.” Q: You’ve signed on to the NBC TV pilot “Girlfriend in a Coma.” What’s the status of the series?

Cosgrove: We haven’t shot the pilot of anything yet, so I’m just waiting to find out.

Q: Have you met with Christina Ricci (who plays her mom) and the writer (“Nurse Jackie” creator Liz Brixius)?

Cosgrove: I think it’s funny because a lot of little kids have thought in the past that I actually am Carly because they think the characters are real. When Steve and I were in Australia (promoting the movie), a lot of the younger kids were really shocked that there are people behind the animated characters.

When Steve did the Gru voice for all of them, their minds were blown.

You’re not likely to see Cosgrove, who most notably starred in the kid-friendly Nickelodeon series “i Carly” for six years, getting arrested or hanging out at Hollywood nightclubs.

Right now, the veteran actress is enrolled at the University of Southern California’s film school, hoping to hone her screenwriting skills in order to continue her career.

“Saturday Night Live’s” Kristen Wiig joins the voice cast as a spy that recruits Gru and Benjamin Bratt plays restaurateur Eduardo who may also be a master criminal named El Macho.

Dressed in a summery black halter dress, Cosgrove spoke about her latest film role, saying goodbye to “i Carly” and what’s ahead.

By ANGELA DAWSON Front Row Features HOLLYWOOD—At 20, Miranda Cosgrove has been acting for more than half her life.

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