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(but it always does seem to find its way into a lot of things. THR: Your Garfunkel and Oates partner, Riki Lindhome, also appeared as Ramona, a Sheldon-obsessed Caltech student. Micucci: When Riki was on the show, Garfunkel and Oates had just started. I remember Riki having an amazing time working on the show, and I was super-excited when I was cast.The producers definitely know Riki, and they love her, and it was nice to know that they're aware of Garfunkel and Oates.

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We laughed a lot doing the scene, and it was a fun thing to do in front of a live audience.

THR: Is the door left open for a potential second date? I know I'll be coming back at some point, but I don't know what the plan is.

THR: Will Lucy get to take part in a girls' night?

Micucci: I have no idea at all, but I love watching everybody on the show, they're so much fun to watch.

I love working with Kunal, and we have a lot of fun.

THR: How much will we learn about the source of Lucy's awkwardness? Micucci: I was a shy kid for so many years, and a lot of people can relate to her story.It's very sweet, and the library makes sense for a first date for these two.It plays out perfectly -- he decides he'd be more comfortable, as she would, too, so we text each other throughout the date.Might that be something that comes into play on the show?Micucci: That hadn't occurred to me, but that might be a solution!We're working on our fourth album, due in the spring, right now, and a lot of our material may not be safe for network television.

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