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Before the year was up, the bank collapsed."Only in the last few months has the truth surfaced that the mortgage on our house was thrown into a default pool for liquidation," Heidi says. And the mortgage on our home was sold on the stock market to foreign investors without our even knowing."Last year, Indy Mac's assets were taken over by One West Bank, which now wants to take back their home.

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And through these years, Christy -- Heidi's protector and legal guardian -- has been at her side.

A beauty in her own right, Christy has an infectious laugh and a rare gift of giving.

Few have endured more, or suffered longer, than Heidi.

Confined to bed, mostly, she spends her days reading and watching TV, with an occasional trip in the car out to Malibu.

A top-notch athlete, Heidi was training to be a stuntwoman, and Bobby thought she could do it. The stunt called for an Aston Martin to weave its way through a line of speeding, oncoming cars, but the car was plagued with mechanical problems.

The steering barely functioned, and the clutch and speedometer didn't work.

They leased a house for a year, then bought a bigger place up the beach, where they would live for the next 20 years. Surrounded by family and friends -- she counts Melanie Griffith and Kathleen Quinlan among her BFFs -- and buoyed by her faith, Heidi was convinced that one day she'd walk again, perhaps, even, to take a walk down the aisle.

Before the crash, she had dated Jack Nicholson and Harrison Ford.

He played infamous crime figure Henry Hill in the film, appearing opposite the likes of Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.

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