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I think it's blown up in the last five or 10 years.

If you know what you're doing, then storm chasing overall is really safe.

You've got to be willing to eat gas station food three times a day for a lot of the year.

I know 2011 was unprecedented in terms of the number of tornadoes and loss of life or property from tornadoes. Northern places are getting a lot more tornadoes, like Minnesota in 2010 had over 80 tornadoes, which is what we normally average here in Oklahoma.

Who knows if it's related to long-term climate change or if it's just seasonal or an annual climate oscillation. What are the practical implications of your research?

Huff Post TV Canada caught up with Timmer to find out more about his unwavering passion for extreme weather, why thrill-seeking tourists are paying to tag along into the belly of the beast-like storms, and whether anything still scares the seemingly fearless storm chaser.

What sparked your initial fascination with severe weather?

[Laughs] Are you finding that the people who are doing your tours are aspiring storm chasers, or mostly thrill-seekers or a mix of both? There are a lot of people interested in meteorology and pursue it and become storm chasers and storm spotters.

There are a lot of people from different countries, like Australia and Europe, who come out.

When we first started out there weren't nearly as many people. A lot of times you had to use pay phones to find out where the storms were.

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