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Later you proved to be kind, helpful, generous, love for you became stronger than the other Smurfs' love for you.

The second time you changed was when Gargamel turned you back into his thing.

" Hefty called."Don't worry-" Smurfette cut herself off by screaming as she fell! Hefty fell to the ground unconscious, Smurfette landing to the side of him."Hefty! "We'd better get him back to the village."Wild swung down and helped Handy carry Hefty back to the village. "Mostly I'm glad to see that you're okay, I got really scared when you started falling.""Really?

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Especially Handy." Smurfette realized."Of course, but keep our relationship a secret for now.

I want us to tell everyone together." Hefty smiled."Of course."Smurfette left Hefty's house to tell the other Smurfs that Hefty's all better.

The group included Smurfette, Hefty, Wild, and Handy. Then, Hefty started running backwards."I gotcha, I gotcha, I got-*oof*." Hefty caught her!

Smurfette and Wild were up in the trees picking the walnuts and Hefty and Handy were below catching the ones Smurfette and Wild picked."Just a few more walnuts, and Greedy can make a walnut cake big enough for every Smurf." Handy said."Oo, I found a nice big one." Smurette said, reaching for a faraway walnut."Careful Smurfette! Unfortunately, the force caused him to hit a rock back first! "Hefty didn't."Oh no." Smurfette started to cry."Don't worry Smurfette, he's only knocked out." Handy said, checking Hefty's breathing.

Hefty got knocked out saving her." Handy explained."Oh my." Papa Smurf checked Hefty's breathing and heartbeat. We'd best get him to bed."They did, and Handy, Papa Smurf, and Smurfette took turns caring for Hefty. "Is there any way you can tell me without actually talking? The complete opposite actually."Smurfette started to catch on."Wait a minute, Hefty are you trying to tell me that you love me?

""There's one way but you'd probably think me too forward." Hefty's heart started pounding."But-" Smurfette had put a hand to Hefty's chest at that, and stopped when she felt his heart pounding. ""I think I'm more scared to tell you than I used to be scared about heights." Hefty nodded."Okay, what if I promise never to hate you or anything of the sort if you tell me? That's no big surprise all the Smurfs love me like a friend.""It's not that kind of love for me." Hefty swallowed."Well, I did that not only because it was the Smurf thing to do but also because I love her.""And I love Hefty back." Smurfette said."We're a couple now."All the other Smurfs were surprised, and at first didn't know how to react.Papa and Handy visited him first."Glad to see your Smurfy again Hefty." Handy smiled."Yup, and now step back outside." Hefty smiled back, getting up."Smurfette and I have something to tell you all."Papa and Handy, confused, went back outside, Hefty and Smurfette following."Fellow Smurfs, as you all know I got knocked out saving Smurfette's life." Hefty said. Now the story is not going to open with the battle that was mentioned at the end of my previous Smurfs story, but it is the main part of the story.

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