Who is woody allen dating

"I doubt very much she'd want to comment on this," he told The News.

Allen's spokeswoman, Leslee Dart, refused to reveal such details of the wedding as what Previn, who has a taste for designer clothing, wore.

Without elaboration, O’Sullivan said that Allen has been a bad influence on Previn.

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Allen met Previn, who was adopted as a toddler by Farrow and the conductor during a trip to Korea, when she was about 8 years old.

But Allen said he barely noticed her among Farrow's many children, adopted and natural.

Woody Allen proclaimed his love yesterday for Mia Farrow’s 21-year-old adopted daughter, saying the affair was “real and happily all true.” In a brief statement issued through his spokeswoman, Allen, 56, avowed his love for Korean-born Soon-Yi Previn, which had been the subject of news reports yesterday.

The unusually intensely private Allen said, “Regarding my love for Soon-Yi: It’s real and all happily true.

John Mucherino of the Criminal Investigation Unit of Connecticut State Police as saying, “I can confirm that we are investigating charges of sexual assault against a minor by Woody Allen.” He declined to say who leveled the charge or to reveal the identity of the minor allegedly assaulted, according to the article.

Leslee Dart, a spokeswoman for Allen, refused to comment on the report but said, “Anybody can file a complaint and police are required to investigate.” Farrow, who lives on the upper West Side, also has a home in Bridgewater, Conn.But she released this statement: "Six years ago, Woody and Soon-Yi decided that one day they would come back to Venice and get married. Over the past six years, they have weathered a lot together, and have always been very much in love." Previn is set to receive a master's degree in special education from Columbia University in the spring.Allen, winner of three Oscars and the director of "Annie Hall," "Manhattan," "Crimes and Misdemeanors," "Zelig" and "Play It Again Sam," will finish directing "Celebrity." "They are both extremely happy," Dart said.Allen filed for custody of adopted son Moses, 14, adopted daughter Dylan, 7, and biological son Satchel, 4 1/2, in Manhattan Supreme Court last week.The action brought a public, messy end to the 12-year relationship with Farrow that endured despite their lack of common interests.Previn was adopted more than a decade ago by Farrow and her then-husband, conductor.

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