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I guess we can assume everything is done for reality TV. That was so fake…That house Stevie J was living in.rented for the show only. Young Dro don’t have any new music out right now and no one is searching for him.

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As you may recall, Young Dro is a hip hop star from Bankhead, a suburb in Atlanta, Georgia.

Beatin on my chest Y'all niggaz ain't feeling me Cards you dealing me I'm like What the fuck is you givin' me We both got injuriesnow we play religiously Same hoes hatin' on usnumbers they be slipping me You rippin meyou temptin meyou thought that you was clippin' me?

Is Joseline and Stevie J still married because they are not acting like it.

Maybe Young Dro will be on the next season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

add_user=ABourne Winner Young Dro makes an appearance on The Lip Service podcast with Angela Yee.

Ay, ay who dis is My girlfriend Ay, ay who we talkin' bout My girlfriend Ay, ay who dis is My girlfriend Who dat is My girlfriend Ay, ay who it is My girlfriend Ay ay, check this out[Chorus]I said I weren't gon never hurt you You said you ain't gon never hurt me We lied Little melthow could I do this to myself I lied to herand plus I lied to myself Nothing's left The relationship done lost its breath It stopped breathingit died last season I think about you leavingcuz you a sexy little creature Thought I was lyingwhen I said I ain't fuck Alicia And I don't wanna hear what Mika saidand fuck Keisha I betcha they'll fuck meall you gotta do is leave us Make you out a believerwe some grown ass people Dem bitches get on my nervesthat's why I be smokin' reefer First we start arguingthen I open up my ether When I open up my etherthe shit gets deeper At first you start throwin shitthen you start bowin shit Running round hollerin'tryin' guess bout who I'm hoein' wit You know who I'm goin' wit I be there when you doin it I done hit the do' no latter than one in the morning[Hook]Manit's been a long spin loving this woman At first we was in love in the beginningit was strong then Now you talkin' bout you don't want mewell gone then If we don't get alongwhy we talkin' on the phone then First I walked outnow you want me to come home then You said we would stay togetherwhy the fuck am I alone then?

Tefera Ghedamu interviewed her on April 24, 2009 at her Winston-Salem home in North Carolina.

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She's either lying about that, which makes us wonder what else she would lie about ...

or she's telling the truth and we're left to wonder: Why would she possibly sleep with him again?!?

Joseline is due to welcome a baby girl into the world in early January. I never asked you for anything #Steviej DNA test don’t lie.

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