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A police spokesperson from Sigatoka in the south-west of Fiji's Vita Levu Island, where Ms Maw was found, told Daily Mail Australia that she had to be identified by her tattoos after the severe bashing.Ellie van Baaren, is the regional communications and media specialist for UN Women’s Fiji Multi-Country Office.

Varanisese then spent two days sleeping in her car to ward off looters.

Ten days after the cyclone she had no electricity and intermittent water supply.

She’s been selling at the market for 11 years and is the President of the Women Vendors Club.

In ordinary times, on a good day, she can make FJD 100-150 (USD 50-75), which covers the water bill, transport, her children’s school and medical care, and any day-to-day needs.

Yet, despite her own losses, her mind is on her fellow market vendors and the rest of her community.

She is working to organize a group of women vendors to collectively pay enough for a farmer to deliver a truckload of produce for them to sell; she has also gathered half of what she has left to give to other families who need it.

Just 11 months later, Cyclone Winston turned from a nuisance storm into a terrifying Category Five monster.

The strongest cyclone ever to hit Fiji and one of the strongest to hit the Southern Hemisphere, its wind gusts reached 350kmph and storm surges inundated coastal towns.

Up to 98 per cent of crops were destroyed, depriving thousands of both their sources of food and income.

Some of the hardest hit were the women, who are often tasked with growing and selling the produce at rural or urban markets.

To hear her speak with such hope and solidarity despite having lost so much is deeply inspiring: “I love this community.

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