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Each CIU branch is to have its own section in the book and these will build into a comprehensive guide to clubs and their facilities – a 21st century edition of the ‘List of Clubs.’uk/?page_id=13 A working men's club in London's Leicester Square? No, I'm not but the stand up comics at the venue certainly are and get quite a few laughs along the way.

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Rachel had to step in at the last minute with some 'toons' as Luke said in his lovely Geordie accent, as the first act didn't show up. After this we were treated to Christian Lee's magic show which was amusing and low key.

We needed an interval then to stock up on drinks which is what intervals are for, surely! We then had more 'turns', with first off American comedian Scott Capurro, a Perrier Award Winner at the Edinburgh Festival a few years back & a regular on the Wright stuff on C5.

It was a small audience, around 20, but I was told they've had busier afternoons. He managed to 'play' quite a few other instruments just with his mouth and breath. Again, I found myself asking, 'how did he do that?

Maybe people stayed at home to watch West Ham get defeated and relegated to the Championship? ' Earl is a seasoned entertainer, who has done the club circuit and knows how to win and keep an audience. It was soon 'home' time but as this was an afternoon event, the pubs were still open. Overall the event was like comedy club meets working man's club.

Listen to the entire podcast, just click the arrow on the player, below.

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It's hard work for them to keep the audience and they all did well.

But 7 minutes might be a bit too long- 5 minutes could be better for the comics and audience alike. Comic magician Lee Hathaway is an impressive looking man before he evens does any magic but when he proceeded to swallow a 3 foot long sausage balloon without choking to death, I was hooked. Afterwards in the pub, he seemed fine and was drinking normally, still clearly alive. Finally, Earl Okin stepped up to entertain us with his subtle dry humour, dulcet tomes and guitar playing.

You might come away a few chicken drumsticks and chops better off!

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