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LOST GREYHOUND Lost in the xxx area Wearing black collar with tags Description: female/male, color named “xxxx” Please call 800-4HOUNDS or (adopter’s phone number) Please do not chase!!

Your dog has already been tested for the following tick-related and fungal diseases : Ehrlichia Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Valley Fever See insert enclosed in your adoption packet for more information on tick-related diseases.

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You may already know he may not do well with c-a-t-s, or small children and maybe you were even cautioned about his attention to small dogs.

Perhaps your home was dog-less before he joined your family, or maybe he’s coming into another greyhound home or a “dog” home with no other greyhounds.

You need a sighting and in order to get a sighting , you need help!

Ask everyone you know, including your friends, co workers, adoption group and son’s cub scout pack to help you. Don’t assume anything: Don’t assume your dog has been picked up, it’s the trap that everyone seems to fall into: “No sighting, someone must have picked up my dog! Greyhounds are notorious for disappearing in the woodwork.

Don’t assume that the call you got about a dog five miles away is yours. It’s just that they don’t know the difference between a Greyhound and a Jack Russell terrorist.

Follow it up, yes, but when you start getting calls about dogs, ask questions: What color was the dog you saw? Don’t lose hope: A few days or a week of searching can be discouraging. Be aware that many people will not want to take a dog to the shelter for fear that it will be euthanized.

This does not mean you take your newly adopted dog and turn him loose in an enclosed park to see how he fares.

The running factor alone is enough to bring out chase aggression in other dogs, and even so-called “play” mouthing could send your tight-skinned hound to the vet for a suture job.

The question of dog parks often becomes a part of the conversation.

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