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Leebeedo: Good suggestion but I also suggest you record the above conversation with them in case they plan against you and tell their parents that u wanted to rape them.

Matter go change within seconds oh guy and na police Cell you go dey for days and there'll be no access to nairaland to beg for suggestions Are you playing word games or is it just too late in the day for you. You simply do not have the right to put your hands on someone's child.

BTW.....are these ones saying why did you flog them..its good that you flogged them o,imagine something.said,if it was me, I dont think I would have the mouth to report this kind of thing, seeing as it is very embarrassing, I would however advice you counsel them,and see how into it they are.

Yes I think i'll like to know what my kids are up to.

That way i'd know how best to handle the situation.

On the other hand I won't take it lightly with any neighbour that will beat up my child and fail to let me know what the child's offence is or keep such truth away from me. Even 6-9 years old children know virtually everytin about it,now at this stage flogging would never help,call the children to order and tell them the implications.

Telling their parents would make matters worse as most Nigerian parents would almost beat the children 2 death without d children knowing d implications of pre-marital sex and nxt time d children would repeat the same thing making sure nobody is in sight.

Holywizard:if on a very gud day i touched de kids when they're on de right path eeeh..they reported it to their parents.

How and where can one really find the love of one's life in this our immorality filled society?

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