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The excessive use of foul language was also becoming a problem at stage shows: at the 1988 edition of the annual Sting concert, held at the National Stadium, the microphone was switched off at key intervals, particularly when performers were cursing each other too vigorously.

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The brash sound of computer drums reflected the harsh reality of modern urban life, providing exciting fuel for the dancehall audience, and the predominant sound had long been heading in this direction through increased use of synthesizers and electronic drumbeats.

In conjunction with the rise of computer rhythms came a shift in form, as the new style was perfectly suited to deejays [Jamaican term for a dancehall musician who sings and “toasts” to an instrumental riddim, similar to an MC in hip-hop].

“We express weself, so I say, ‘Give me punany, me want punany,’ because me love punany.

The tunes that hit and last is tune whe you feel, and it no matter whether the punany good, bad, or whether it ah go kill me, me just want the punany—it’s as simple as that.”Though rude records were nothing new in Jamaican music, songs were far more explicit in the early dancehall age.

Other early dancehall slackers include Welton Irie, who cut an early X-rated LP for Joe Gibbs, , and Johnny Ringo with tunes like the extremely surreal and clearly censorious “Two Lesbians Hitch” for Tommy Cowan.

Then came a flood of cruder efforts stimulated by the “Punany” craze, with Grindsman offering “Benz Punany” for Dragon Records in 1989 and Little Lenny warning of “Punany Tegereg” for Patrick Roberts’ Shocking Vibes label the following year, though concurrent with Admiral’s ground-breaking hit, Lovindeer’s self-produced “The Oil” and “Panty Size” both used suggestive humor to make their effect, rather than being outright lewd, and his biggest hit of all, “Wild Gilbert,” was a non-slack tune describing the hurricane that caused widespread destruction upon reaching Jamaica in September 1988.

Before he was shot dead by police in 1980, General Echo led the way with singles such as “Bathroom Sex” and albums such as , produced by Winston Riley and issued under the moniker Ranking Slackness.

Following close behind was the internationally renowned Yellowman, with songs like “Cocky Did A Hurt Me” and “Bedroom Mazuka” for Junjo Lawes.

We are aiming for the first week in November and plan to spend 7-10 days. Are the Hedos the only two that allow naughty behavior on the beach and in the pools? Can we save $$ by staying at a lesser known place and partying at other spots 3.

We'd even split that between two resorts or stay at a smaller place and do day passes and night passes to different resorts. Are the resorts the only places where a couple can safely have fun in Jamaica?

Thus, by the end of the decade, traditional singers were on the wane and the new Jamaican superstars were rapping champions of the microphone; ironically, many of the singers that maintained popularity did so by adapting old American ballads to the new digital beats.

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