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With only vague, fever-dream images of Tarzan in her mind, Jane cannot truly explain her rescue and chalks most of it up to a bad dream.

Still, as she and her father drive away, Jane whispers a good-bye to her rescuer and leaves one of her bandages behind. Confused and frustrated by exposure to humans after so long, Tarzan becomes inconsolable.

Despite the best efforts by scientist and adventurer James Porter, the expedition is a failure, and John is preparing to leave Africa with his wife, Alice, and their son, John Jr.

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On this particular trip, he is joined by his daughter Jane Porter, who is spending her summer vacation with him.

During a routine photographic safari, the Porters' latest clients' son wanders away from the group and unwraps a candy bar, unwittingly attracting the attention of a large, dinosaur-like flightless bird.

The impact and resulting ecological catastrophe causes the extinction of the dinosaurs.

On the present day, wealthy industrialist John Greystoke has been funding an expedition into the jungles of Africa to locate the meteor, now a legend, and harness its unique energy as a solution to the looming energy crisis.

On a course that takes them over a semi-active volcano, the Greystokes' helicopter's instruments begin to go haywire.

As the pilot struggles to regain control, they find themselves over the resting site of the meteor, now a mountain in the heart of the jungle and guarded by baboons.Landing to investigate, John explores a cave that leads him into the heart of the mountain, where he discovers rock formations that glow with a pulsing red light.Using his pickax, John attempts to collect a sample for study, only to cause a chain reaction that awakens the nearby volcano.Tarzan and his friends spend their days exploring the jungle, playing pranks on each other and being thorns in Tublat's side.One day, after venturing further than his friends are willing to go, Tarzan catches sight of a group of humans in a jeep.As the years go pass, Tarzan grows up learning the ways and skills of the jungle animals, such as monkeys and a leopard.

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