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) stars Adrien Brody as famed 1930s Spanish bullfighter Manolete and Penélope Cruz as his lover, actress Lupe Sino.

Ladies and gents, meet Lola: Did you say “Hi, Lola!

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what do you guys think, should i tell the maker to keep going? Long time lurker, first time poster :-)Yes, I've heard that from a few people, and I'd in general agree that's true if one wants to market it commercially or b) spin it at raves as a dance track...it's a free form hardcore track, mostly intended to be listened to as part of mix/playlist when not actually dancing (i.e. I'm just a little bored of the 4x4 structure..I've noticed at least at the raves I attend and host/perform at, a lot of people dun seem too hung up on that format/enjoy free form and otherwise weird tracks. Narcisso - We Want To Rock (Bruno Romaniv Remix) 5. An exciting couple hours in store for you today, some of my favorite new tunes in part one, followed by an exclusive with one of my favorite artists, the UK's Steve Haines. p=2625) -Full Download Link: Randy Seidman Incognet | HERE ( .mp3) -Part I Direct Download Link: Randy Seidman | HERE ( -Part II Direct Download Link: Incognet | HERE ( Hello and welcome back to another episode of Open House, excited to be back with you for another two hours of the grooviest beats.

k-tard music..around, get k-tarded, listen to weird trippy music) or mixed into a set is a breather track. Gonna make some more formatted/structured songs fo sho tho! This month I'll be playing at TBA Brooklyn in New York on May 22nd and Rise Afterhours in Boston on May 23rd, I hope to see some of you east-coasters there! p=2562) Randy Seidman's Track List: 01) Alex Dolby - City Shark (16 Bit Lolitas) 02) Evgeny Bardyuzha - Islands of Tranquility (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) 03) Blood Groove & Kikis f. Eyesdown (Sasha Remix) - Bonobo Play/Download (https://soundcloud.com/andygreen-1/0614-pt1)Junework (https://soundcloud.com/visual_ity/junework) Full of footwork, juke and footwork jungle flavors. An upbeat edition in store for you today with some of my favorite recent jams in the first hour followed by an exclusive with Crimea's biggest export, Incognet in hour-two. p=2625) Randy Seidman's Track List: 01) Sourcee - Hear Me Now (Original Mix) 02) Sedi - Along The Coast (Original Mix) 03) LTN - Out Of This World (Original Mix) 04) Aleksey Yakoviev - Last Reflection (Original Mix) 05) George Acosta f.

Anyone that caught the last couple of years Glastonbury DJ sets will recognise quite a few choice moments contained within, for sure.

The file’s pretty big (1.4GB for Flac, 490MB for MP3), but a quick poll last week on Twitter indicated that you’re mostly cool with that – apologies if you find it problematic, sure you can find an app online to split it into chunks if you’re that way inclined… Download from the above Soundcloud player in MP3 or direct here: MP3 or FLAC.

These kinds of movies are just about torture and they are really one step away from snuff movies.

For some unexplained reason, the end credits go up and then there's 15 minutes of black.

I did mention there was one redeeming factor, and here it is. Because there’s nothing else to wake you up except for some cute dachshund action!

Interspersed they meet, hook up, hang out, and argue. But if you’re going to give me Hot Bullfighters and Tousled Actresses and set things in Spain, then LET’S GET TO IT, OKAY?

Okay, there is one redeeming quality, which I promise I’ll get to. Clearly this film is going to be about SPAIN and the 1930s and sexxxx-ay gowns and hot, steamy, passionate writhing about shagging while drinking sangria! The film is told in flashback, so there’s the thread of the two having a big fight, and Manolete off to a big fight. And it wasn’t all that writhy or sweaty or anything. That’s perfect for your Austen and Dickens adaptations.

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