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If your conversations aren’t going well, however, consider going to a medical doctor or therapist to help you talk together more constructively.

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Optical illusions are often classified into categories including the physical and the cognitive or perceptual, following bright lights, or adapting stimuli of excessively longer alternating patterns (contingent perceptual aftereffect), are presumed to be the effects on the eyes or brain of excessive stimulation or interaction with contextual or competing stimuli of a specific type—brightness, color, position, tile, size, movement, etc.

The theory is that a stimulus follows its individual dedicated neural path in the early stages of visual processing, and that intense or repetitive activity in that or interaction with active adjoining channels cause a physiological imbalance that alters perception.

These symptoms may indicate an underlying disease state and necessitate seeing a medical practitioner.

Etiologies associated with pathological visual illusions include multiple types of ocular disease, migraines, hallucinogen persisting perception disorder, head trauma, and prescription drugs.

Q: I am a healthy, attractive, active 70-year-old woman who still enjoys sex.

My younger partner (by seven years) is rarely interested in making love and I have to initiate it most times. Pepper Schwartz: Ask him: If there is nothing wrong, then what’s the harm in talking about why he is not interested in sex these days?

If he is unhappy in general, it almost certainly will affect your sex life together. If you don’t, you need to reinvigorate your nonsexual relationship to have a positive effect on your sex life. Does he have any erectile issues, and is his health in general good or iffy? You need to think about which of these might be the basis for your reduced sex life.

Maybe offering these as topics to talk about will allow him to voice his needs, fears or disappointments – and that is the beginning of the ability to change and make things better.

I’ve tried talking to him, in a non-blaming way, but he clams up, stating there is nothing wrong. There could be a number of explanations – and you are in a better position to find out which of these might be true than I am. If a relationship has problems, it is bound to affect the couple’s sexual relationship.

Is he depressed or unhappy about his work, money, children or some other issue? Do you laugh, go out on dates or do hobbies together? Health and sexual function have a big impact on men’s sexual energy, and changes in a person’s or a partner’s appearance can affect desire.

The Hermann grid illusion and Mach bands are two illusions that are best explained using a biological approach.

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