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Bun-kiet, second son of chief Tok- i-tok, once told the writer that the native tribes were very sorry when the time came for the Japanese soldiers to leave, and it is quite possible the name of General Saigo continues to be mentioned with feelings of respect in the villages east from Long-Kiau. Ka ochal paita moeda babosa sai pana ta Deos, assan- man-a na'-a-ummillag o narroa tuppono ai ta Apostel Paulus paat- sikap o chono ai merab o sai pana ta Deos. shiem, a child ; sishiem, children ; shiem shiem, grandchildren ; shiem osso, an orphan ; shiem badda, a son, a boy ; shiem mammali, a daughter, a girl ; shiem parrach, a bastard ; shiem pattala, a stepchild ; shiem kakan, a young sucking child. simikosikko, sinimikosiko, sikosikoa, sikosikoon, sinikosiko, inosikosikoon, to drill, as people do with pikes; pasikossiko, pi, pa, ipasikosiioa, ipasikosiko, etc., to cause such to be done. tippo, persons born on same day; baddoa, tatto telp, a key ; tatto chirrap, a tooth- and battan, ditto. tattaromma,Ty ; hence karri-tattaromma, mau-tattaromma, to deceive one another ; ma- atattaromma, a traitor.May a like firm, yet generous, course be followed in the present much larger undertaking ! Yes, as a Son of man ; as the Son of God He has no mother. Tamasea sai pana ta Deos macho, maspot a poetautat alia paga ichosar, so-o alia paga ma-achachad o chono ai, kasum- mad'icho-noe. simioch, sinimioch, sasimioch, siocha, siochen, sinioch, inosiochen, to bring before the hand ; pasioch, pinasioch, papasioch, ipasiocha, ipasioch, inipasioch, to cause such to be done. tillik, blindness of one eye, so that the white tattonnos, the end where anything is broken of the eye cannot be seen, for then it is tollas. tattoob, an instrument wherewith to sprinkle tinnaam, before, with respect to place ; talla water; fr. summada zinoe, ka oa, tinnaam at, what do you tatto-oche, the fore-finger. tummarool J, zinummaroob, tatummaroob, tarroba, tarroban, zinarroban, inotarroban, to cover as people do the head with a fan, to protect them from sun or rain, thus not entirely covered, or to cover with a rug or such like, in which it differs from tummakkoob ; patarroob, pi, pa, ipatarroba, etc., to cause to cover. tarossa, to pick anything here and there, just as people Vocabulary 1 93 pluck the ripe ears in a field ; patarros, trans.And yet, who knows but the recent cession of Formosa to Japan may turn out to be God's own way of work- ing out a much grander development ? Alia ga o babos'inni ichosar papaga o auchos ma-abisse a tsjes, so-o alii ausjimen inni arapies, mai- bas o tapos roman babosa. Maspot a maba taulan o pia, alia babos'o ai mautsiri o gagil o Deos, so-o channumma mikkil o choa rais inau kakossi ka-ilen-sar maunis o mababat pana ta Deos. tummaratral, tsi, tat, taratralla, to wave as grass, plants, and other little things do, etc., differs from lummitullito ; parakal, trans.

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At length, however, all efforts were seen to be in vain ; the result being that this daring leader was compelled either to tender his submission or to save his life by flight. Hena : Pontius Pilate, a Roman stranger, was protector and judge in Jerusalem. It was God's own will that His Son should suffer and be beaten by the wicked Jews, in order that, by His death, He might be a ransom for the transgressions of men. jel0cj}e iter, en liebben Oe0en 0in, ftat inner oaao fjet Ip Oen Cf)ri0ti in Ugtiaam enoe 0iele al0oo 0toaar, taro, entie ffroot i& g:etj)ee0t, al0 of ! 48- flfllat t'0 tie meeninge Oe0er toooroen (Beljenna, tien fetal oe0 6t'er0, en titer San d Befjenna ? Mai- bas o tamau, masini ta sjiem, ta Auchar-ech rorro-no paga nattada ga o Deos, nattada airab, nattada barra, nattada chachimit. tummalizi, zinummalizi, tatummalizi, talizia, talizian, zinalizian, inotalizian, to dance; patalizi, pinatalizi, papatalizi, ipatalizia, etc., to cause to dance ; sometimes the t is changed into d, see dummalizi.

No sooner was this latter alternative decided upon than the fleet was ordered to make a descent on Formosa, where it did succeed in expelling the Dutch, and where Koxinga proclaimed himself king over the Chinese refugees and adventurers who now flocked in thousands to his standard. Hena : rapies chono i Judaea madobdob inau sannan pach'i ta Christus, so-o ta Pilatus maibas o rapies Airien, pauss'i decho, so-o pattite o chachalt o macha kasja- baan ta Christus. Inaunumma ta Deos alii miel o micho, alia parras o choa sjiem, depa macha ? Ka ochal simioch, mannacha, so-o parapies o mauchus i ta Chris- tus, decho tummiltil o choa rima a asiel i sasakimottono baron, so-o pinase-ar aicho tuppach o narroa ma-ach'o cho tsiniltillan i baron channumma. (Beljenna t'0 een feuil ofte poel Oe0 titer0 tiaar (Sot) ! em etffen ate (Bobg »oone ; mlie te maff= tig Ijet boobe ligbaam lebenbitj te mafeen. OQJat troogt u Hz opgtanbinp Cljrissti tan Beit booben ? Mar- ummo ga o Deos inni o tamau, inni ta sjiem, so-o inni ta Auchar- ech. tummallo, zinummallo, tatummallo, talloa, talloon, zinalloon, inotalloon, to allure, to bait ; patallo, pinatallo, papatallo, etc., to cause to allure.

Suffice it to say, that while prosperity was thus flowing in upon Formosa, changes of a very different kind were taking place vi Preface place on the opposite mainland of China. Tuppana, babosa ja imo ; imo paga tsjes a saan, alia miall'o Airien inni choa tataap, so-o sum- mad'i ta Deos. Aba, alia maunionis natorroa-da boa, allipa natorroa Deos-sar. tummakkoob, zinummakkoob, tatummakkoob, takkoba, takkoban, zinakkoban, inotakkoban, to cover, to cover entirely ; tummakkoob macha, to blind the eyes ; patakkoob, pi, pa, ipa- ipatakkoba, etc., to cause to be covered, also to cover with a rug.

Invaders from the north had entered that unhappy country, overthrowing its own Ming dynasty, and setting up the present Manchu- Tartar dynasty in its place. Having taken leave of His servants on a mountain, His body ascended on high, before their eyes, into the clouds ; and while they were gazing towards heaven, two angels appeared, who testified that Christ would return in the same manner as they had seen Him ascend into heaven. Abanni ja imo choa ranied channumma, o ai mai- bas o tattorroddauron, alia tatum- morrod a chaddik, so-o madarram o gagil icho. Ja maddobor o pachip o choa ranied ta Deos, so-o pattas o tatschier o choa boa, alia namo mamadarram. Mai, e-illa-na, depa moa ummior o autat oa tsjes-oe, hai poetat o joa tsjes charri o tatschier o Deos. Pagaga maunis a ga o tamau, pagaga maunis a ga o ta sjiem, pagaga maunis a ga o ta Auchar-ech. tummala, zinummala, tatummala, talatalan, zinala, inotalan, to find, to welcome ; patala, pinatala, papatala, ipatala, etc., to cause such to be done.

It is in the form of a Report from the late Governor, Liu Ming Chuan. Hena : ta Maria pinodd'o choa sjiem badda ta Jesus Christus mammali o gagil ; acho par'o choa robs ta Joseph ; karinummab, acho pinar'o sjam. Sja alii kamachaggi so-o pittau o gagil i ta Deos, papaga baaksar torroa autat, annoggonoggo a 88 Christian ai-acha. sasso, disinclination, dissatisfaction, a mur- muring disposition ; annumma sasonos ? simisich, sinimisich, sasimisich, sisicha, sisi- chen, sinisich, inosisichen, to break or flatten anything with the palm of the hand or foot ; sisichen rima ja bart, to crush the mosquitoes with the hand j tapos sisjiem sasai simisich na-a babat don ja cho" asjiel, let all the children come and merely rub the floor (lit. Bumbo, sinumbo, sasumbo, iseboa, isebo, inisebo, inoisebo, to set anything down ; pasebo,pinasebo, papasebo, ipaseboa, etc., to cause anything to be set down. tummatas, zinummatas, tatummatas, tatasa, tatasan, zinatas, inotatasan, to fathom ; patatas, pi, pa, ipatatasa, etc., to cause to be fathomed ; tatas, a fathom.

After several months' employment of a force which was operating against the independent tribes, he was able to inform his Imperial master that no fewer than 478 villages, containing 88,000 persons, had been brought within the exercise of Chinese law. Tuppono pesas'o mini, alia paga Deos, na-a mineaab o paba innai ranied, so-o al'o ta Paulus o mini, paga nattasar a Deos. middle of the house) with their feet ; pasisich, pi, pa, ipasisicha, ipasisich, inipasisich, inoipasisich, to cause such to be done. sumkir, sinumkir, sasumkir, isekirra, inisehr, inoisekir, to press down ; sumkir rarro, to put the hat on firmly or to press it down ; pasekir, pinasekir, papasekir, ipasekirra, etc., to cause such to be done ; sumkir i to no cho, to dip a person in the water ; sasekir i to no christan, christian baptism. tummatta, zinummatta, tatummatta, tatta, tattan, zinattan, inotattan, to stamp seed out of the husk; patatta, pi, pa, ipatatta, inipatatta, inoipatatta, to cause to be stamped out j tatta, a rice stamper.

At least three of the local dialects were reduced to writing, chapels and school-houses were erected in every village under Dutch control, and very marked improvement of the public manners was followed by thousands of the people being welcomed into the membership of the Christian Church. Maini : atite o mini marach o tatschier innai mario-acho de ta, tamasea pairo-os o choa ara, o ai maso machaddik a matasso, i choa kallamas, so-o paita, alia masini channumma ta Christus, maibas o babosa, kummasjies a maro a ma- tasso i boesum babo tapos Angelus a babosa, tamasea minarach o naan babo tapos o naan, so-o a-i-jor a choa tamau paga chachimit o tapos a barra pagatomma de boesum, pagatomma de ta, alia pauloan o tapos cho'azjies-in, so-o maladik o choa maunis a cho ; tapos chono ai ka poetautat inni choa boa, so-o maukat o choa naan. Sai malod o choa ranied imoa ta Deos, ma- chaddik ja imo, alia tummoach so-o patal'o choa boa; sja alii machi'o auri-edda, sja madaddo pacheoach pau'icho-sar, alia ma- borr'icho-noe annach, mamachon- sar o tallochon choa rais i babo imoa, mamarior imoa inni morich o mini chachalt o kakossi, so-o ai- i-jor a morich o mini chachalt o chau i gehenna. tummaka B, zinummakas, tatummakas, taiassa, takassan, inotakassan, to stop any one in the road, or to turn him out of the way ; patakas, pinatakas, papatakas, ipatakassa, ipatakas, etc., to cause such to be done.

The circumstances which led to the arrest of this hopeful movement cannot be fully stated here. Inau decho hai machon-sar molappa joa tsjes-oe, hai machon-sar mautsiri maibas o loan a binnan o bonna, o ai marotul o saan. Oetautatta- na inni o tamau, inni ta sjiem, 86 Christian so-o inni ta Auchar-ech ; natta- sar a gagil o Deos inni natorroa- da boa, so-o natorroa-da boa inni natta-sar a gagil o Deos. tummakkis, zinummakkis, tatummakkis, tak- sa, taksen, zinaksan, inotaisan, to stick to- gether and make one ; patakis, pi, pa, ipataksa, ipatakkis, etc., to cause such to be done.

Koxinga, a chieftain of Fokien, was foremost in withstanding the Manchus. 5 2 Christian 3a: en fepn Ooooe litjhaam (0 berjraben, om bat tet toaarlife Ooo U toa0. p t'0 neoertjegaan in lien Mil oe0 tiier0, Oat i'0 tie telle, i& Cljri0ttt0 met fepn lifftjaam ppan int tel0cf)e iter? He appeared unto many who had formerly known Him ; He showed them His living body, so that they might certainly know that He had again returned to life ; and He com- manded His twelve disciples, His servants, to go unto all nations, and to baptize them with water, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Pagaga maunis a airab o tamau, pagaga maunis a airab o ta sjiem, pagaga maunis a airab o ta Auchar-ech, pagaga maunis a barr'o tamau, pagaga maunis a barr'o ta sjiem, pagaga maunis a barr'o ta Auchar-ech. tummalas, zinummalas, tatummalas, taiassa, talassen, zinalassen, inotallassen, to tread under foot ; pat alias, pinatallas, papatallas, ipatallassa, ipatalas, etc., to cause such to be done.

He directed the military operations of his followers on land ; and when vanquished there, took command of a large fleet of war-junks, which swept the seas, and in every possible way tried to break the power of the hated usurpers. Yes ; the wicked Jews urgently insisted, and, from envy, demanded Christ's death ; while Pilate, as a wicked judge, consented by pronouncing against Christ the sentence or punishment of death. Why did not God prevent His Son's being put to death ? After they had beaten, mocked, and sorely ill-treated Christ, they nailed His hands and feet to a wooden cross, which they erected between two murderers, who were also nailed to the cross. jfieen: Oe0e tooor Uen ontlee= nen een plpfekeni00e tan f)et ! Inonumma No ; after forty days He ascended into heaven. Pagaga maunis a chachimit o tamau, pagaga maunis a chachi- mit o ta sjiem, pagaga maunis a chachimit o ta Auchar-ech. tattultul, a bundle of straw or weeds, with to-1, a splinter. tummalattala, zinummalattala, tatummalat- tala, tallattala, tallattalan, zinalattalan, ino- tallattalan, to pacify, to still, to calm all sorts 192, Favorlang of emotions; patalattala, pinatalattala, papa- talattala, etc., to cause such to be done.

With regard to the ethnography, language, customs, present condition and capabilities, of the Formosan tribes, there is also much need for fuller and more definite information than we now possess. $ieen : 47 Torro patapos tamasea poet- autat inni choa boa, so-o ummior o choa charsar. Innai micho kamachaggi ja ina alia ta sjiem o Deos minaukat o ina tsinummoach i ga o babosa, alia paparras o na-a boa innai cha- chalt o kakossi, so-o mamaladik innai chachimit a barr'o haibos, inau paga ja ina choa aran, so-o maunis icho. Ja ta Christus inararain inni tsjes o choa tanai maibas o tapos roman a babosa ? Thereby I am fully convinced that the Son of God has loved me, that He has appeared in human nature, in order that He might deliver me from the punishment of sin, and that He will protect me from the dominion and violence of haibos, inasmuch as I am His servant and belong to Him. Has Christ been conceived in His mother's body, as all other persons ? Mlaarom Maini : maunionis karinab icho innaide Auchar o Deos o ma- achimit, ta Spirito Santo. Chodd'oa maunis oa tsjes ; ja alii patorrod o choa isas, choa ab'o saan ta Deos inni torroa tsjes ? Pagatomma itan choa aba so-o barra, pagaga aban chaddai, tomm'- ija Airien o mini. sasoom, the measure, where two things with their ends are joined together ; sasoom ochaan, that which is joined on to the belly. sassas, a vessel in which people put food to settle, as with us, the skimming dishes. 184 Favorlang Bini, the female among beasts ; applied to men, it means a married woman who has had children, or who is become old, in which case also an unmarried woman is called sini. sinien, sinimien, sasimien, sina, sinan, sininan, inosinan, to be in the way between two, to strike in between two ways ; sina osi ta Cabba inaos, come between me and Cabba ; pasien, pinasien, papasien, etc., to cause this to be done ; sasien, nom. siorra, a certain bird from which quills are obtained. Bja, if; sja moetas a somma, matalam cho alii sasos' 1 i tumkach, if it rain to-morrow the people will probably not go out to hunt. sjam, a married man, or one who has been married ; also a father. sjiem, a child, whether boy or girl; sjiem badda, a boy ; sjiem mammali, a girl ; sjiem parrach, a bastard ; sjiem pattala, a stepson ; sjiem kakan, a. summabaufrarro, si, sa ; pasabougarro, trans, a certain manner of binding, as if it were braided. tummau-aat, zinummau-aab, tatummau-aab, tauba and taumasan, tauban and taumasan, tsinauaban and tsinaumasan, inotauban and inotaumasan, to do anything first or before another, whether drinking, speaking, or tasting ; patau-aab, pi, pa, ipatauaba, ipatau-aab, etc., to cause such to be done, as mananat ; tattau- aab, or tau-aab, nom. tummauka, zinummauka, tatummauka, tauka, taukan, zinauka, inotaukan, to do anything over again; patauka, pinatauka, papatauka, ipatauka, inipatauka, inoipatauka, to cause such to be done; tummaukauka, zi, ta, to increase; tummauka, trans. tummaula, same as tummauka; pataula, same as patauka ; gummalich, idem., nom. tunimaumasa, zinummaumasa, tatummau- masa, taumasa, taumasanni and taumasayan, zinaumasanni and zinaumasayan, same as matinnaam ; pataumasa, pi, pa, ipataumasa, inipataumasa, inoipataumasa, same aspatinnaam.

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