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Essentials is most obviously an update for Windows Server Essentials 2011, it also includes some features that make it an excellent next server for Windows Home Server fans.

One of these is media sharing, which needs to be enabled first and then configured for optimal use.

This is unfortunately hard to gauge because—wait for it—Windows Server 2012 doesn’t actually provide a WEI (Windows Experience Index) score anymore.

This Microsoft support page has some generally useless information about this issue. By default, your Essentials 2012-based media library will be seen as “Digital Media Library” in connecting clients such as Windows Media Player or the Xbox 360.

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In each case, the capitalized first name is the machine name and the second name is the name of the media library.

Note: The Essentials 2012 media sharing feature will work with any DLNA-compatible device, not just Microsoft clients.

Previous to adding the media server, Essentials provided shares such as Company, File History Backups, Folder Redirection, and Users.

Each of these new shares will be available for normal Network Explorer browsing from Windows 7 and 8 clients even if you elect not to share media from some of these folders, as described above.

Here, select either Music Player or Video Player, and then choose the media library from which to connect.

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