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Error: URI=null Line=2: Document root element "message", must match DOCTYPE root "null".

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Groovy XML There are three classes built in Groovy for processing XML: XMLParser, XMLSlurperand DOMCategory. Reason is that it have smallest memory footprint from all three.

I would no go in depths for those, you can read here XML processing. Streaming Markup Builderdef response = Steps[‘Properties’].properties[‘response’].valuedef response Xml = new Xml Slurper().parse Text(response)response Xml.breadth First()JSON stands for Java Script Object Notation and it is lightweight data presentation format. Basically if you do not want and do not need to go in details it is same thing as XML just different packaging.

I find it unreasonable that both Xml Parser and Xml Slurper only look for DTDs via a DOCTYPE SGML tag.

Surely these should look for XML Schemas themselves and not require the user to code up all the boilerplate. nice examples albeit for Java can be found here: As soon as SAX is mentioned when dealing with creating some form of DOM, my reaction is tl;dr.

You can not use XPath and XQuery assertions because of that.

You can use Contains and Not Contains assertions but they have very limited usage. Notice that is you have several assertions one by one in Script Assertion like on example above first assertion that fails will stop executing script, which means assertions under it ( in script ) will not be executed.

Please call the 'set Error Handler' method to fix this.

Error: URI=null Line=2: Document is invalid: no grammar found.

Its goal is to simplify scripting and it can be instantiate from any Groovy script in soap UI, with: notice two ways to get node value with get Node Value method and with [] operator.

Difference is that get Node Value will return first value that can be found with set XPath, while [] operator returns a array of values.

If you assume that response is like: def groovy Utils = new com.eviware.soapui.support.

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