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Some key issue areas in which recipients have Title IX obligations are: recruitment, admissions, and counseling; financial assistance; athletics; sex-based harassment; treatment of pregnant and parenting students; discipline; single-sex education; and employment.

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High-quality drivers typically have a cancellation rate lower than 5 percent.

“Each city has a maximum cancellation rate, based on the average cancellation rate of drivers in that area.

Though it was dismissed by the critics, it still ran for almost ten years.

See more » At around , visible through the small window on the right-hand door in Frasier's booth, a Panavision camera handled by two crew members rolls by the window in Roz's booth, followed by a third person.

For a recipient to retaliate in any way is considered a violation of Title IX.

The ED Title IX regulations (Volume 34, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 106) provide additional information about the forms of discrimination prohibited by Title IX.

A Nitro, West Virginia, man allegedly admitted to a date rape during an interview for a probation officer job. The “We knew we had to do something, we couldn’t just let this go,” South Charleston Police Department Chief of Detectives Pat Rader told WCHS.

WHCS reported that Tyler Ray Price, 21, is facing second-degree sexual assault charges after confessing to the crime during a pre-employment interview with the South Charleston Police Department. Two weeks later, police interviewed the woman who said she didn’t consent to sex and had no memory of the incident or being taped, according to the SCPD arrests Tyler Price for sexual assault.

Ayushman Chawla Moneycontrol News No touching, no flirting and no sex with passengers were among the community guidelines rolled out by Uber India on Wednesday for its drivers in 22 cities.

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