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If they refuse they are beaten and their families are threatened. We worked from 11am to 3 or 4am the next morning, and slept only three or four hours. We were sexually abused, we were dragged, we were hit." Former sex slave, from Melbourne Like any business, the trade in flesh thrives on consumer demand.Sex trafficking and sexual slavery exists because customers want Asian women who are reputed to be more compliant to their needs.It's clear that right now in Australia women are being held as sex slaves.

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Around Australia there are hundreds of legal brothels. Now, in a joint Four Corners/The Age special investigation, reporter Sally Neighbour exposes the brutal illegal off-shoot of the sex industry: sex slavery.

In a report that exposes the worst excesses of human trafficking she reveals how networks of criminal gangs are luring women to Australia, where they are forced to work as sex slaves.

And the High Court said 'No, the circumstances of your debt bondage were such that effectively you were enslaved'.

(Trafficked women's statement released by Project Respect, 2008) VOICEOVER: When someone treats you like a dog for a long time, you start to believe you are a dog.

It is also about a clear lack of concerted action at Federal and State levels to derail this trade in human misery and degradation; a trade that has been linked to crime syndicates operating globally.

This special Four Corners investigation conducted in tandem with the Fairfax Newspapers has exposed a practice where some Asian girls and women are tricked into coming to Australia as students and then held captive in brothels.

A 30 minute drive took Abraham Papo to the seedy back streets of South Melbourne, heart of the city's sex trade. (Shot of the brothel from the car as it approaches) She had rung him to say she'd been moved to Sydney and was being physically abused. DEANNA PAPO, MOTHER: I know now she was in fear of her life and she had her passport taken by some dangerous men.

My son had gone to the- She'd spoken to him through the day - I don't know how many times but my son had gone to the police, a local police station.

The wreckers thought it had been in a car accident, and I said 'No, our son was um... And it's a trade that's growing - worldwide and in Australia.

his life was taken in it but not in a car accident'. For the grieving family of Abraham Papo, discovering this world has only added to the anguish of losing their son.

There are hundreds of legal brothels around Australia, and thousands of women engaged in the sex trade of their own free will.

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