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View a 14 day SXI movie that includes this spectacular event, subsampled every four images for this exposure sequence: webm , mp4 , wmv View a 03 day SXI movie that includes all images taken with this exposure sequence: webm, mp4, wmv The transit of Venus officially began at 2012-06-05 UTC and ended at 2012-06-06 UTC.

Note #1: Energetic ions that penetrate Earth's electromagnetic and atmospheric defenses typically have enough energy remaining to then continue miles into solid rock.

Note #2: Small circles on the plot time-scale indicate when the satellite/station is at local noon (open) or midnight (filled).

View a stack plot of the space environment March 4 - 17, 2012 or see the big picture in a 108-day plot covering Januray 1, 2012 to April 17, 2012.

Cosmic ray data in these plots from Moscow station show a drop in levels (Forbush Decrease) caused by the passage of a CME.

The failure time used in these plots is the time when Intelsat noticed that Galaxy-15 was not responding to commands, since commands can be weeks apart it is uncertain when the failure actually occured, see Galaxy-15 wiki page.

April 3, 2010 GOES-13 SXI Flare Sequence: 20100405_Galaxy15_SXI_10April 3, 2010 GOES-13 SXI Flare Sequence combined with whole disk X-rays from XRS: 20100405_Galaxy15_SXI_April 3-5, 2010 GOES-11 SEM summary plot: g11_g14_custom_re_galaxy-15_20100403-00h_20100405-24April 3-5, 2010 GOES-14 SEM summary plot: g14_custom_re_galaxy-15_20100403-00h_20100405-24(Millions of vectors, quicker display via this JPEG) March 28 - April 15, GOES-14 SEM summary plot: g14_custom_re_galaxy-15_20100328-00h_20100415-24April 1, 2010 - April 30, 2010 POES 30 Ke V global radiation map movie cylindrical: poes_201004_mep90e1_cylindrical_6(source images .zip) April 5, 2010 0948 satellite local time for Galaxy-15 and GOES fleet: SLT_chart_galaxy15(full size) Quicktime no longer supports MPEG video very well, if QT is your browser's default video player download the movies and watch them with something else like Windows Media Player or VLC media player.

sxi_g15_cs_latest_01sxi_g15_cs_latest_03sxi_g15_cs_latest_14sxi_g15_cs_latest_27sxi_g15_cs_latest_01day.mp4 sxi_g15_cs_latest_03days.mp4 sxi_g15_cs_latest_14days.mp4 sxi_g15_cs_latest_27days.mp4 sxi_g15_cs_latest_01sxi_g15_cs_latest_03sxi_g15_cs_latest_14sxi_g15_cs_latest_27Regeneration occurs each day around 1400 UT.

No plants or animals were harmed in the making of these movies.

References: Solar Flares Coronal Mass Ejections Solar Proton Events -- source of all ground based station data used above.

Galactic Cosmic Rays Ground Level Events Forbush Decreases and galactic influences on our weather?

The cadence of SXI movies can be affected by changes in the SXI exposure sequence that take place when an event is in progress.

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